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Suryaputra Karn 8th October 2015 Written Update

Indra gets jealous of Karn after being defeated by him. He says only Arjun who is blessed by him can be world’s greatest warrior.

Parashuram starts his final teachings and asks Karn if he is ready for his last teachings. He says yeas. Parashuram says Bhrama is the creator of this universe and he has created 3 weapons. Karn says brahmastra and other 2 names. Parashuram says he will give him those weapons and with his powers transfers weapons into Karn. Karn asks to teach him how to use them. Parashuram says he was waiting for the same question and says whenever he needs them, he should reminisce this moment to active these weapons and he should use them only if it is absolutely necessary.

Parashuram then sleeps on Karn’s lap and tells he got his expertise with great labor and gave it initial to Bhism and then whatever still left gave it to Drona and made the decision not to work with weapons, but when he turned his college student, he gave himself to him. Karn says even after getting a brahmin, he come to be globe’s greatest warrior together with his exertions and can ability..and so on., and is particularly about to expose that he’s not brahmin when he sees Parashuram fallen asleep. He stops. A bug enters parashuram’s shawl and bites Karn’s thigh regularly. Karn bears every one of the bites considering never to disturb his Expert. Blood starts flowing.

Parashuram wakes up feeling blood and sees coming from Karn’s thigh. He wakes up and sees bug managing from karn’s thigh and asks karn why didn’t he eliminate it. Karn claims he did not choose to wake him up. Parashuram states he reminded him of the khatriya raja who amputated his human body components to save lots of a pigeon and afterwards realizes that karn might also be considered a khatriya and asks that is he. Karn says He’s Sooth putra Radhe Karn and asks if he ever disobeyed or did not study what he taught. Parashuram says betrayal can be a betrayal and can’t be named anything and he didn’t master knowledge but stole it. He curses him that he will not be in the position to use his weapons when he demands them essentially the most and asks him for getting out from below as he spoilt this place. Karn claims put spoilt when he arrived in this article way back and he cursed him now, but he was born cursed and he needed to bear wrath of Culture due to the fact childhood. He asks why caste is more critical than one particular’s labor, will power, and abilities…

Precap: Drona tells Dhritarastra that tomorrow is final competition. Shakuni states whoever wins might be yuvraj. Karn thinks He’ll earn the Level of competition and rides horse toward Hastinapur.

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