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Suryaputra Karn 6th November 2015 Written Update

Karn and Vaishali happily discuss about their marriage a day after poornima/full moon night. Duryodhan comes to meet Karn. Karn gets happy seeing him and asks reason for coming. Duryodhan says he came to invite him to accompany him for swayamwar. Vaishali hears that and leaves nervously. Duryodhan asks what happened to her. Karn says he and Vaishali are marrying and he sent invitation to him. Duryodhan gets happy and asks when is his marriage. Karn says day after poornima. Duryodhan gets sad.

Karn seeks Vaishali’s permission to attend swayamwar with Duryodhan and promises that their marriage will happen a day after poornima at any cost. She says Karn and kartavya/duty have same kundali and she is proud of him. Karn leaves smiling.

At a palace, a beautiful lady Supriya is seen smiling. Rajkumari Bhanu is then shown being dorned jewelry by servants. Rajkumari asks where is her friend Supriya. Supriya enters and asks why can’t she be without her and asks what will she do after she marries. Rajkumari says she will take her along. She asks what will she do if she finds a beautiful man in her swayamwar. Supriya says she will snatch her garland and dorn that man and marry him. They both laugh and continue sharing lighter moments.

Duryodhan with Karn reaches swayamwar palace and states this area is smaller but is quite attractive. Yudistra enters with Arjun and says Duryodhan that he considered he would arrive late as He’ll occur by means of Ang pradesh. Duryodhan claims he thought he would come by itself, but he brought an aide with him. Arjun gets indignant and claims he arrived to shield him as an alternative as there might be anyone below like Dhrupad to defeat him. Karn arrives ahead and states he is below to guard his Buddy from Every person, whether it is yuvraj or his aide. Arjun fumes.

Supriya seems incoming rajkumars for swayamwar by using balcony and asks Bhanu to check out them as she will never get time all through swayamwar to observe them carefully. Her flower falls down and she walks to catch it. Karn arrives going for walks and is about to step on flower but stops looking at her. She sees Karn below sunrays and gets mesmerized with his allure.

Precap: Arjun provokes duryodhan to fight. Duryodhan says he will not leave swayamwar and asks Karn to fight with Arjun.

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