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Suryaputra Karn 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Written Update by MA

Vasudev Krishna gives start of the episode moral gyaan. Karn tells Krishna that without narayan, narayani sena is waste and he did partiality with Duryodhan. Krishna says he did not do any partiality and is following Dharma. Their conversation continues. Karn leaves.

Duryodhan happily tells Shakuni that he should be proud of him for choosing narayani sena, but Karn is a fool to think that he should have choosen Krishna. Shakuni says for the first time, he feels Karn is right. Krishna is a trickster and can alone defeat whole army. Duryodhan says Krishna will not fight and will be weaponless. Shakuni says Krishna does not need weapon.

Arjun reaches back home and meets his brothers. Yudistra says he is proud of him and Draupadi’s decision was right to send him to Dwarka. Nakul says now they have to face powerful narayani sena and will have to train their army well. Arjun with with Krishna with them, they don’t have to worry.

Shakuni goes to raj shabha and congratulates Dhritarastra for Laxmana’s marriage and says this was the last marriage where all kuru clan was present and who knows if they can after war. Bhism asks what he means.

Pandavs gather at midnight and asks who called them at this time. Draupadi says she called them and shows letter. They ask what is it. She says it is a letter of war.

Dhritarastra says if war happens, many warriors will diet. Bhism tells consequences of war and says according to rules, they have to fight.

Precap: Arjun says if Bhism heads first, he will respect his decision. Draupadi says it is issue of dharma, she will consult Krishna first. Yudistra says he has marched towards Hastinapur.


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