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Suryaputra Karn 2nd June 2016 Written Update

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Duryodhan tells Karn he wants to die than burning in the fire of insult. Karn says whole army is with him and wants to take revenge. Army chats they need revenge. Karn asks Duryodhan what he needs to calm down mind. Duryodhan says he wants Abhimanyu’s life.

Nakul applies medicine to Abhimanyu’s wounds. Abhimanyu acts as in pain. Uttara starts crying hearing his pain. Abhimanyu laughs and says he is a warrior and pain is not in his dictionary, she is warrior’s wife and should not cry. Uttara asks why he joked like this. Abhimanyu tells Arjun that Karn is a great warrior, he learnt a lot from him, no one can confront Karn except Arjun in this world.

Duryodhan tells his team that he wants Abhimanyu go through the pain which he went through, but don’t want to kill him. Drona tells his plan followed by others.

Abhimanyu tries to console Uttara and says what if he does not come tomorrow. She says he has to come back for their child. He asks if she is pregnant. She shyingly nods yes. He gets happy.

Krishna sadly forsees Abhimanyu’s end. Draupadi sees him sad and asks if her fear will come true. Krishna says yes..

Jai chand tells Duryodhan even he will take revenge from Pandavs and reminisces how Padnavs tonsured his head. Today, he can show his face to his wife with proud. Duryodhan asks where was he all these days. He reminisces metating and lord Shiva asking his wish and he telling that he wants to take revenge from Pandavs.

Abhimanyu asks Krishna to bless him to win. Krishna says cowards wish to win, he should wish for his martyrship.

Precap: Shakuni tells Duryodhan he has arranged already to kill Abhimanyu. Arjun tells his team they have to clear Virat raj’s debt today. Abhimanyu says he will hoist their winning flag today.

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