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Suryaputra Karn 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Karn tough surya and ice skating ahead of sun rays slide on him, but loses when he hears his brother Shon’s voice. He receives a huge pearl although. Shon is hanged on cliff and phone calls Karn for aid. His good friends chuckle this time Karn will not likely enable him. Shon is about to drop when Karn retains his toes. Shon many thanks him and asks him to present pearl to him. Karn claims it’s for mom. He sees him not putting on underwear and laughs. Shon shies. Karn then picks him and opens pearl from shell. Shon is shocked to see this kind of big pearl. Karn asks if Mother will get satisfied looking at it.

Karn and Shon leave toward household. Karn provides pearl to Radha, but she ignores him and commences scolding Shon fornot acquiring food, asks when did she scold him past for this. He says day to day. They get to property and find out Shushil/Adhirath’s brother/tauji existing who asks Shon to come back in close proximity to him. Shon says he won’t as Mother does not Enable him do bravery. Brother asks Karn if Mother doesn’t prevent him from performing bravery. He states He’s grown up, so mom isn’t going to prevent him. Radha asks Shon to return in and have meals. Tauji asks Karn if mom will not feed him. He says he is grown up. Tauji states Shushil if he remembers how mom utilized to feed them in childhood. Sushil says he used to consume all jaggery. Tauji claims childhood is incredibly attractive. He asks Karn to go and notify Radha that his jeth/brother-in-law requested her to feed him also. Karn goes in, but Radha angrily leaves seeing him inquiring Shon to finish food. Karn eats bite which she had manufactured and teaches Shon how you can try to eat.

Tauji blesses Shon and Karn. Sushhil asks Karn to point out village to tauji. Tauji gives him laddoos and claims he will exhibit them his glowing chariot after looking at village. They both get pleased. Tauji then will take them on horses and claims he is expert in horse Using and is familiar with several tricks. Karn claims he saw it and in many cases exhibit how horse was managing him. Tauji claims he has misunderstood and continues strolling in direction of his chariot. He stops them the moment chariot will come and starts off praising it. He then opens cloth from it. Karn sees dummy chariot and laughs. Tauji asks him to simply call all his kshatriya mates as well as their fathers, He’ll exhibit them this chariot’s energy. Karn asks if he will fool even them. Tauji states some individuals are born idiot and he just enjoys fooling them.

Shon asks Karn how will he call his friends. He throws stone in air after which you can knife. Knife breaks stone and parts tumble in front of his mates. Close friends leave their scientific studies and hurry towards Karn. During the night, Karn takes all of them to his tauji’s divya rath/glowing rath. Tauji removes fabric and shows them divya rath. Mates talk to what is this. Tauji praises its powers and its story and evil possession. Karn laughs when his mates get amazed. One of these climbs and says he wishes to see evil spirits and presses its button. Tauji will get tensed and asks him to leap. Horse start managing and tauji at the rear of chariot. Karn operates to rescue his Mate.

Precap: Karn jumps on chariot, controls horses and rescues his Pal.

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