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Kunti sets fire about herself and asks Yudistra and also other children to bring back her son Bheem, right until then she will likely not have foods and have only it from Bheem’s hand.

Shakuni Fortunately phone calls Duryodhan as maharaj and asks whom he want to destroy and throws dice. Dice demonstrates five. Duryodhan asks if Bheem is alive. Bhism enters and suggests he should really state that. Duryodhan asks how can he know. Bhism suggests he invited Bheem for your feast and took him. Duryodhan denies. Bhism states if he is innocent, then he should really look for Bheem and convey him back.

Yudistra and his three brothers in addition to Shon and Karn get started exploring Bheem all over the place. Shon jumps into river and lookups, but isn’t going to discover Bheem. Karan and Arjun access a tent wherever Bheem was fed poison combined kheer. Karan finds Bheem’s security thread and reveals it to Arjun. Arjun identifies it. Karn suggests Duryodhan betrayed them and fed Bheem poison mixed kheer. Arjun sees dead rat.

Karn then sees foot print and mud and suggests Arjun that Bheem have to are dragged by Duryodhan from in this article.

Shakuni sees Arjun and Karn entering tent and asks Duryodhan to burn off tent. Duryodhan shoots hearth tipped arrow and it burns tent. Karn sees bamboo falling on Arjun, rescues him and jumps into river with him.

Shon and Yudistra sees hearth and acquire tensed. Karn with Arjun arrives out of river and Arjun reveals Yudistra Bheem’s throne and claims he located it in river, it means Duryodhan killed their brother. Yudistra claims this can not come about as even rakshas are unable to defeat Bheem effortlessly. Karn suggests Bheem was poisoned by Duryodhan. Arjun claims He’ll punish Duryodhan and expose him before Absolutely everyone. Karn states if he doesn’t have any proof, even he will likely be killed and his mom must mourn 2 children’s Loss of life. Yudistra asks the way to confirm it then. Karn states he includes a prepare.

Precap: Nakul loudly tells Sahdev that they’ve got to have medicines before long as Bheem is alive and is also unconscious. Duryodhan and Dushyasan hear that and imagine killing Bheem yet again.

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