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Suryaputra Karn 12th October 2015 Written Update

Shakuni tells Dhritarastra he wants rajkumars to compete without any injustice, so he will use his dice for a fair competition. Dhritarastra approves. Bhism also agrees. Karn’s arrow strikes ground in front of Bhism. Bhism says Drona this arrow has guru Parashuram’s sign. Drona says only 2 of them are Dhritarastra’s students, then who is this third one. Bhism says even he wants to know.

Adhirath asks Radha to serve him food. She prepares many rotis subconsciously and thinks why did she prepare so many rotis for 2 people. She senses Karn coming in. Karn enters with his horse. She calls him Radhe. She says Radhe Karn and emotionally touches her feet and then hugs. They both cry emotionally.

Shakuni calls Ashwatthama to his room and while playing dice asks whom he wants to win in tomorrow’s competition, his friend Duryodhan or his dad’s favorite Arjun. Ashwatthama angrily says he will never tolerate his rival Arjun winning as he snatched his father from him.

Karn while having rotis asks Radha how did she know he is coming and prepared so many rotis. She says just like a warrior like him identifies target with movement of air, she can sense her children. She then gets emotional and ays she knows when her son will come and go. Karn also gets emotional and says he cannot forget his brothers death. Adhirath tries to divert his attention. Karn asks if he does not remember Shon. Adhirath says he cannot live life in pain and will wait for god to do justice. Karn says instead of waiting for god’s help, he should react and fight. Adhirath says he is sooth and can become world’s best charioteer and not warrior. Karn says whatever he says, he will fight and will not run away like him. Adhirath leaves angrily. Karn tells Radha if she remembers, she asked him to take Shon’s revenge and he will not run away from his promise.

Levels of competition begins. Bhism addresses community that they can see their a hundred and five rajkumars competing and may be confident that they’ve got one hundred and five warriors to shield them. Dhritarastra thinks why is Bhism not starting up Competitiveness and just giving speech. Bhism asks Drona to get started on Level of competition. Drona suggests Bhism gave him 105 lamps and he produced them burning hearth. He introduces eldest of one hundred and five rajkumars, Yudistra. Yudistra enters. Kunti smiles looking at him and other people chant his title. Yudistra bends and seeks elder’s blessings. Kunti, Vidur, Bhism and Drona bless them. Drona then introduces Duryodhan and praises that he’s gadha specialist. Duryodhan enters with sparking Gadha and frowning facial area taking a look at Yudistra. He hits his gadha on earth and earth cracks. Gandhari asks Kunti what exactly is this sound. Kunti claims Duryodhan cracked earth along with his gadha. People today chanti Duryodhan’s identify. He greets all elders and so they bless him.

Adhirath sees Karn going for walks along with his horse and asks in which is he likely. Karn claims he will probably look at rajkumars’ Levels of competition. Adhirath asks with bow and orders that he are not able to go.

Precap: Drona introduces Arjun. Vaishali asks Karn if he is globe’s best warrior. Karn asks ways to verify it. She suggests he ought to show it in competition location.

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