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Suryaputra Karn 12th April 2016 Written Update

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Supriya does Karn and Vrishasen’s tilak and aarti and wishes them good luck. They leave for war with Kauravs. Pandavs also leave for war and they all reach battlefield. Krishna starts describing the importance of land and says this lands has boon by a rishi that whoever dies on this land will go to heaven and whoever wins will get justice. He says battle will start after 1 month and they all will meet again after 1 month on this land.

Pandavs take Bhism and Drona’s blessings. They both bless yashasvi bhava and Pandavs leave. Duroydan asks what was this. Bhism says it is elder’s duty to bless youngsters if they seek blesssings and if touches Yudistra’s feet, even he will bless him as elder. Duryodhan yells and leaves.

Bhism goes near Ganga river’s bank and asks Ganga maa to come out. He cries that he is shattered today seeing his own successors fighting with each other. He is helpless and cannot stop them. He continues his lengthy plea. Krishna comes and says he is also responsible for all this as he gave Hastinapur a king which cannot see people’s tears and Yuvraj who is ruthless and cruel and wants to kill own siblings for crown. If he would have risen his voice and arrow, this war would not have happened. Because of his oath, he kept quiet and let this mishap happened. He continues his revelation. Bhism says he wants to be curse-free and only Pandavs have weapons to break his curse and he knows what he is talking about. Krishna says solution is coming towards problem soon.

Precap: Shakuni says Duryodhan that they have to get 2 rivals on their side and he has a plan for that. Paundra Vasudev is shown. Krishna tells Nakul and Sahdev that they are busy in war preparation and enemy is playing his trick on other side.

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