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Suryaputra Karn 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. He continues giving moral gyaan to his son Samb. Samb says he did not come here to listen to his moral gyaan and leaves angrily. He then goes to Laxmana’s room and says he came. Laxmana runs and hugs him. Samb also hugs her tight and they both look at each other happily.

After some time, all guests gather for the ceremony. Shakuni apologizes Virat raj on Duryodhan’s behalf and starts praising Virat raj. Virat raj thinks he must be up to something and is buttering him. Shakuni asks Krishna if he can have a proposal with his permission. Krishna says everyone has right to express their proposal. Shakuni says Virat raj he wants Virat rajkumar Uttar’s marriage with Duryodhan’s daughter Laxmana. Laxmana and Samb are shocked to hear that. Virat raj asks how can it happen. Bheem says Duryodhan wants Virat to be on his side during war and is tricking. Shakuni says even Krishna is tricking by getting his nephew Abhimanyu married to Uttara.

Virat says whatever happened recently, he is not convinced with this proposal. Shakuni asks to forget the past and think of a new proposal and bonding. Virat raj agrees. Shakuni says it is time for celebration of new bonding between Virat and Hastinapur. Pandavs and Krishna fume seeing Shakuni’s tricks.

Precap: Samb tells Krishna either he is fooling him that he loves him or he is fooling whole world. Laxmana tells Shakuni that she loves Samb and will marry only him, even if she has to go against her father Duryodhan.

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