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An actress who is known to be a bunch of talent on Television amalgamated with sheer prettiness all fit into one small packet of surprise, is none other Sumona Chakravarti. The actress who is currently slaying on The Kapil Sharma Show has somewhere unintentionally been dragged into various controversies pertaining to the show. Moreover, her personal life has also been in news for a long time, when she was rumoured to be dating Samrat Mukherjee who is actress Kajol’s cousin. Not just that, post the actress shrugged off the rumours, there still had been reports of Sumona to be dating, on and off.While talking to us, Sumona who believes in being outspoken and blunt, said, “I am single since the last three-four years now, there is nobody in my life… And I don’t react to such rumours you know. I was in Dubai chilling with my friends when all this happened. I don’t even bother to give any justification for it because I know what I am doing in life and what is happening. My parents know, my family knows and my close friends know, the ones who need to know, know. Beyond that, I really don’t give a damn about what others think or come up with because every three four months there is something new. So it really really doesn’t bother me honestly.Further,  she also spoke about her thoughts on marriage. Is she planning to settle down soon? “No, I don’t want to get married. But not getting married does not equal to not having a companion or not being committed. That’s a different thing altogether. Yes I am very open to commitment and companionship but that is very different from marriage and people confuse everything, but I don’t want to get into the marital stuff.” The actress will now be seen on Colors’ detective show, Dev starring Ashish Chaudhary.


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