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Sumit Sambhal Lega 5th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajneesh and Sumit’s friends singing and dancing. Sumit asks them to stop it. Monty says now Maya will decide everything for Sumit now. Rajneesh laughs and says she will change his diapers too. Sumit says I know my opinion won’t matter, but I m tiger, I will not let Maya rule. They laugh. Sumit says I won’t marry. Maya comes there and hears him. She says she has to talk to Sumit in private. Rajneesh says its cheating to meet before marriage. She says please, 2 mins. Rajneesh and Sumit’s friends leave.

He says they were teasing me, so I said that. She says you are doubtful, answer me, I have come here to meet you. She says since our marriage is fixed, I feel you are not happy. She asks him to come for marriage when he is ready, she won’t feel bad, she will feel they saved each other lives from getting ruined. She leaves.

Dolly asks Jasbir to call the guy for the horse. Jasbir says he cancelled the horse. They argue. Dolly compliments Sumit. Jasbir tells about Maya’s dad Jai, Maya’s parents will be out after marriage. Dolly says your mum did not get out, she was Daayan. Jasbir says she was angel, she asked me not to marry you. They argue. Sumit worries and asks does every husband and wife argue like this after marriage, I m tensed. Rajneesh says Maya gifted this belt, she left a note also. Sumit reads aloud. Rajneesh explains the meaning and jokes on Sumit. Rajneesh goes to see caterers. Sumit worries. Jasbir asks him not to get tensed. Jasbir asks him to have rum, every man reach mandap by taking rum’s help, have it.

Maya’s parents welcome guests and baraat. Jasbir, Dolly and everyone dance. Jai introduces Mrs. Rustam. Jasbir says Walias kiss on cheek and dances with her. Maya’s mum Avantika stops him and takes Mrs. Rustam. Dolly dances with Jai. Maya’s mum Avantika stop comes in between and asks about Sumit. Jasbir holds her and says Sumit is coming with Rajneesh. Rajneesh comes and dances. Dolly asks where is Sumit. Rajneesh says Sumit was coming with you all. Jasbir says Sumit was with you. Rajneesh says no. Jai says it means you forgot the groom at home. Jasbir says don’t worry, he will come as he is wearing Rs 25000 worth sherwani. Maya gets worried as Sumit did not come. Maya cries and says I think my marriage will happen today, I don’t think Sumit will come, love stories are fake, all men are coward to marry, atleast dog is loyal than husband.

Sumit comes there and is drunk. Maya gets glad seeing him. Sumit is drunk and asks how is his mum in law. He says they forgot him at home, then he has come in local train. Jai says we were waiting for you. Sumit says Maya I have come. Jasbir says get him married soon. They do the Jaimala rituals. Maya says I felt you will not come. Sumit says I have come for sweet dish. He dances and falls.

Sumit says he loves Maya a lot and praises her. He makes her wear the garlands. Maya asks is she happy with the marriage. Sumit says a lot and laughs. She makes him wear garlands. They get married. Sumit dances and takes rounds. The marriage completes. Maya says I love you Sumit. They dance. Jasbir says Sumit had rum and so he is so happy, his courage was less, I stopped him from running away from marriage, if you want to thank me, get some kachori and imli chutney. Maya asks Sumit did he drink, he was happy as he was Talli.

Maya asks how could you make fun of my special day. Sumit says no, see I did not open this bottle, I did not feel need to drink. Maya asks was he really happy. He says he remembered what he said, and he will manage their life, she also wanted to tell the same, they will share happiness and sorrow together. She calls him smart. He says I know I would be most unlucky person in the world if I did not marry you, I m happy that I understood this finally. Maya asks do you behave such when you are happy. He asks her to get habitual now. They dance on Sooraj hua madham………. And FB ends. Sumit and Maya dance and she asks how can he ask how did she marry him. The kids come and hug them.

Sumit tells about the suitcase. Maya says its here since 4 days. Sumit does not move it. Maya asks him to let her move it. Rajneesh looks on while they fight.

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