Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th October 2016 Written Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki serial

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th October 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rags saying Suhani does not care for Yuvani, she just cares for Krishna. Dadi says yes, so I m taking Yuvaan and Yuvani away. Rags agrees. Dadi says Krishna, I knew your mum well and I loved her, I wish you were like her, but its nothing like that. She asks Yuvaan and Yuvani to come along with her to temple. Suhani says yes, I m busy today, take them. Pratima asks Suhani are you fine. Suhani says yes. Pratima asks do you really want to go there. Suhani says yes, I always visit orphanage and give charity. Krishna says you give donation as all orphans are not lucky like me. Pratima says you are not an orphan. Suhani thinks yes, I m doing this donation for an unlucky boy.

She recalls how Suhani killed Sambhav. Yuvraaj tells the family and police that he has killed Sambhav, as Sambhav was a devil. Pratima gets news that Suhani fainted in jail. Doctor checks Suhani and tells Pratima. Pratima tells everyone that Suhani is pregnant. Yuvraaj shouts Sambhav. They all get shocked. Pratima cries. Yuvraaj says that’s why I have killed him, for doing such a cheap thing.

Suhani tells Bhavna that this child is proof of this stain Sambhav gave me. Bhavna cries and hugs her. Police comes to tale Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says give me 2mins. He talks to Pratima and says Suhani can’t go to jail in this state, case is going on, lawyer said if I take blame on my head, Suhani will get free. He asks Pratima to promise to convince Suhani. Pratima says no Yuvraaj….. you are not doing wrong. Suhani hugs Pratima and asks how can you say yes to send Yuvraaj to jail, he can’t bear punishment for my mistake, call him.

Yuvraaj meets Suhani in the ward. She runs and asks him not to go away, she does not want the child and any memory. Yuvraaj says no, you can’t go jail in this state, sorry. She hugs him and cries. He says children need their mum. She says I won’t go. He asks her to look at him. He asks her to promise she will be happy and not let children miss him. Fb ends. Suhani leaves from home and visits orphanage.

She recalls her child. FB shows Pratima meeting Suhani in the ward. Suhani asks where is Yuvraaj. Pratima says it’s a son, healthy and just like you. Suhani says I have to go to Yuvraaj, take me to him. Nurse gets her son. Pratima asks won’t you see your son once, he is your son. Suhani turns her face away and says take him away, I don’t want to see his face else….. She cries. Suhani meets the orphanage lady and asks where is my baby. The lady says he got a family. Suhani says which family, I want my baby. The lady says sorry, I can’t tell you. FB ends. Suhani tells the same lady to distribute things to all kids. The lady says you come here every year on this day. Pratima says your prayers will reach him and he would be happy. Saiyyam does Sambhav’s Shraddh. Dadi comes there with Yuvaan and Yuvani. She thinks I lost Yuvraaj on this day and come here, that Diwali was darkest for me. Saiyyam cries and prays.

Dadi comes and sees Saiyyam praying. She gets shocked seeing Sambhav’s pic. Pandit says your father’s Shraddha is over. She thinks Saiyyam is Suhani and Sambhav’s son. She thinks Yuvraaj is away from me because of him. Yuvani calls Dadi. Dadi thinks they can’t see Saiyyam like this. She rushes out of temple and asks them to come. Yuvaan asks what happened. Dadi says I feel unwell, we will do puja later. Yuvani thinks thank God, I got saved. Yuvaan asks Yuvani to take Dadi home, I will do puja and come. Dadi says no, come with me, I m missing Yuvraaj and I m upset, I want you both to be with me. They leave.

Saiyyam cries. Suhani, Pratima and Krishna are on the way. Suhani is sad. Krishna asks driver to stop car and says I want to have icecream. She asks Suhani wahts Soumya’s fav flavour, I want to have it. Suhani tells her. Pratima asks Suhani to have courage. Suhani says I can’t have more courage now, I could not become a good mum, I left my son to die, I could not become a good wife, Yuvraaj is bearing this because of me. Pratima says you are human, not Lord, it was wrong to get Sambhav’s anger on the child, it was natural.

Suhani says I don’t want to fight alone, I m tired, I want Yuvraaj’s support. Pratima says he is coming after 2 days. Suhani says my patience is breaking. Pratima says everything is going to get fine. Krishna gets icecreams for them. Dadi comes home and asks servant to tell Suhani to meet her. Yuvani talks to friend about some party at 9pm. She says let Krishna come back, I will try something. She sees Saiyyam hearing her and gets shocked.

Suhani asks Yuvani whats all this, you drink wine and wear such clothes. Rags says I will explain. Suhani asks Rags not to interrupt.

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