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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone playing. Yuvraaj hugs Yuvaan and is glad. Soumya looks on and thinks Yuvraaj is ignoring Krishna. Sharad thanks Pratima and Saurabh. The kids run and hug Pratima. Yuvraaj and Suhani smile seeing the family. The game continues. Yuvaan runs to catch Suhani. Yuvaan pats Yuvraaj from their side. Soumya asks Rags why is everyone cheering Suhani. Yuvraaj runs after Suhani. He slips. Suhani shouts Yuvraaj and holds him. They both fall down. Everyone look on. Saaware……plays………………. Suhani and Yuvraaj have an eyelock. He holds her and takes his hand away. Rags says Suhani is out.

Saurabh asks Rags not to cheat, Suhani was saving your team member. Rags says I did not ask Suhani to help. Yuvani asks Suhani why did she help Papa, they lost. Suhani says its fine, we should always help, even our competitor. Pratima says yes, this is sportsman spirit. Yuvaan gets sanitizer. Suhani applies soil to Yuvani’s cheek and says till soil does not get on face while playing, there is no fun, its shagun. Krishna says aunty apply soil on my nose too. Suhani applies and smiles. Rags says I have some idea.

Rags pats Soumya. Soumya acts to get hurt by Suhani. Suhani says sorry and holds Soumya. Rags says now Suhani is really out. Suhani says Soumya is hurt and you are worried for game. Soumya says I m fine, you go and play. Suhani says I promised Yuvani, that’s why. Dadi says Pratima this is last time, if anyone falls again, I will stop game. Rags asks Yuvaan to make Suhani out. Suhani says I can’t get out, I promised Yuvani. Yuvraaj says I promised Yuvaan that I will win this game for him. He runs to catch Suhani. He holds her in arms. They have an eyelock. Saware…..plays………………. Yuvraaj tells Pratima that they won. Pratima asks him to see his foot, out of line. Rags says no, Yuvraaj did Suhani out and then crossed line. Yuvraaj says right. Suhani asks him not to cheat. Sharad says we have won, Yuvraaj can’t do this. Pratima says I m judge, last decision will be mine, both teams are winners in this game. The kids get glad.

Pratima gives the trophy to Yuvraaj and Suhani. Baaton me ho khubsurti…..plays………. Yuvaan and Yuvani share the trophy and hug. Soumya gets angry. They take pics. Krishna says I could not come in group photo. Rags says they don’t even remember Krishna now. Soumya says yes, since Suhani and Yuvaan came, they forgot Krishna. Yuvraaj takes pics with Krishna too.

Yuvaan tells Suhani that I had fun while playing game. Krishna tells Soumya about Yuvraaj taking selfie with him and Yuvani. Soumya asks why did you go at trophy time. Krishna says I went to drink water. Soumya says be careful, else everyone will forget you. Krishna says no, Yuvraaj loves me. Soumya says things are not as before. Dadi comes and hears them. She sends Krishna. Yuvaan acts like Yuvraaj and says uncle is so cool and stylish, can I call him Guru. Sharad says no, he is just my Guru. Suhani talks to Yuvaan.

Dadi asks Soumya to manage her family, you are my bahu. She says I kept puja at home tomorrow, Yuvraaj and you will sit in puja, I will end this matter tomorrow. Soumya asks how. Rags shows money to Leela and asks what did Menka say. Leela gives some number, and says I don’t know anything else. Rags says I will first call on this number. She makes the call and gets to know its orphanage number.

Dadi goes to Suhani and Yuvaan. She tells about the puja. Yuvaan’s toy house breaks by Dadi. She says it fell by mistake. Sharad says its fine, I will make it again. Rags asks Menka about sending money to orphanage, why did she send it by Leela, she has stolen your money and used in parlor. Menka gets tensed. Menka lies that her son gets blessings by giving donations. Rags says fine, don’t give this work to Leela. She goes. Leela comes out of cupboard. Menka thanks her for informing her on time. Leela asks her for loyalty fees. Menka gives her money. Leela thanks her and goes.

Rags and Soumya discuss on some puja. Soumya thinks to tell Rags about sindoor matter. Dadi shows the chains she made for the girls. Menka asks what did you make for my son. Dadi says nothing. Dadi stops Pratima from calling Suhani and says I already told her. Yuvraaj says I m going out for some work. Pratima tells about puja. Dadi says we kept this puja for Yuvaan. Suhani and Yuvaan come there. Pandit asks the kids to come for puja. He calls their father….. Yuvaan says he is not here. Suhani stops Yuvaan from saying anything. Yuvraaj looks at her.

Pandit asks Yuvraaj to fill sindoor in his wife’s maang. Yuvraaj says Dadi you said this puja is for Yuvaan.She says its fine, pandit is saying for house’s good. Yuvraaj takes sindoor to fill Soumya’s maang. Suhani cries.

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