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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd December 2015 Written Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki watch online

Suhani and Bhavna talking about Aditya rejecting Gauri for the mark, and hug crying. Suhani says we can’t bring this truth out for Gauri’s happiness. They see Sharad there. Sharad hears everything and is shocked. Gauri asks Dadi whats happening and why, I did not do anything. Dadi says I know, you might be blaming me for this, but you trust Suhani more than me, you are my granddaughter and no need to beg to anyone, I will bring Aditya back to you, this is my promise, I will call him.

Sharad tells Suhani that Yuvraaj is calling her and asks her to go. Suhanu leaves. Dadi says Aditya is not taking the call, coward, there is something fishy, he was so eager to marry and now he has someone else in his life. Gauri says maybe he does not like me. She cries. Dadi consoles her and says the matter is something else, I promise I will bring out the truth before evening.

Sharad asks Bhavna not to lie, and tell truth to Pratima and atleast him, does she know consequences to lie to family. She says I will tell you everything, but promise me I will support you. He asks did it happen that I did not support you in any matter. Dadi calls Pankaj and says I want to meet you right now. Pankaj says yes, even I was thinking to come there and talk. Dadi asks Gauri not to worry, she will find all the answers. She hugs Gauri.

Soumya suggests some hair styles to the customer Sandeep. He agrees. Krishna comes and says its same guy who has watch like mine. Suhani comes to Yuvraaj and asks is Gauri fine. Yuvraaj says don’t know, Dadi is with her, Pratima was unwell, so I have sent Dadi to Gauri. Suhani asks what happened to Maa, I will go and see. Yuvraaj says relax, she is fine, I will go and talk to Aditya. She stops him. He asks why, I know he is your cousin, Gauri is in this state because of him. She says I know he is wrong, Gauri needs us. I think we should take Gauri outside, please. He agrees and says you are right, lets go.

Bhavna waits for Suhani. Suhani comes to her. Bhavna says I told everything to Sharad, you also tell Yuvraaj. Suhani says yes, but Gauri is more imp now, I think we should take her out. Sharad says right. Bhavna hopes everything gets fine. Suhani goes. Yuvraaj goes to Gauri and asks her to come with them. She says Dadi said she will bring Aditya, if he comes and goes. Yuvraaj says we will come back. Suhani says sorry Gauri, I did not keep my promise, Aditya is not good for you, come with us. Gauri says I have no one now. Suhani says we all are with you.

Sharad asks Bhavna not to think all this. Bhavna worries and says when everyone knows truth, don’t tell them that you knew it, they will be angry on you and I will not like it. He says if you want to save me, promise me this truth will not say anyone, Suhani, you and your parents will not bring this truth out. Bhavna says mum and dad do not know we lied to save Gauri. He worries and says call them fast.

Pankaj and Lata are leaving. The landline rings. Lata says I will check call. Pankaj says we will leave first, we have to talk to Dadi. She says fine and locks the door. Bhavna says no one is taking call. Sharad says we will leave and tell them. They leave.

Saurbah gives medicines to Pratima. Rags asks Pratima why did she send Gauri out with Yuvraaj and Suhani, she was upset. Menka says she got as she did, she has cut her hand and Lord broke her heart, its very good. Anuj gets angry and raises her hand. Pratima stops Anuj. Saurabh says Menka we are sorry for what Gauri did with you, but please don’t make it an issue. Rags blames Suhani as Aditya is her brother. Saurabh scolds Rags. Dadi says Rags is right, and blames Suhani. I would have not send Gauri with Suhani. Sharad tells Pratima that Bhavna and I are going out to buy few things for Golu. Bhavna opens the door and sees Pankaj and Lata.

Suhani and Yuvraaj cheer up Gauri and obstacle her to obtain golgappas. Suhani jokes for making her smile. Gauri is upset over Aditya. She cries and goes to the vehicle. Bhavna asks Pankaj and Lata why did they arrive. Sharad claims allow them to come inside of. Dadi claims I identified as them. Suhani wins the gopgappa spherical and says we will do shopping in the shopping mall for half an hour or so, the 1 who shops by far the most will gain, I’ll gain. Gauri claims its identical marketplace in which I fulfilled Aditya for The very first time. She cries. Suhani will get Sharad’s message. He asks her to come household rapidly, as Dadi named her dad and mom dwelling, they usually don’t know her lie. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that Dadi referred to as her dad and mom at home.

Dadi tells Pratima that she will likely not discuss nicely to them. Pratima suggests I know them, They’re good persons. Pratima asks Pankaj what happened. Pankaj suggests we asked Aditya, it had been my desire that Gauri results in being our daughter as well, Aditya told us that Gauri and he loves one another, and you also all agreed. Dadi scolds him and asks how did he not now this… Lata suggests we actually didn’t know. Dadi suggests I could get Pankaj arrested for this.

Rags confronts Pankaj and Lata for Aditya liking someone else.

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