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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 14th October 2015 Written Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki watch online

Pratima feeling the presence of her children and going to see. Ramesh stops her and asks her to come, to make Dadi have food. Soumya come home after shopping and Rakhi argues. Lalita also scolds Soumya and they taunt Soumya for spending Krishna’s hard earned money, which makes Soumya upset.

Pratima makes Dadi have food. Yuvraaj and Suhani bring the girl inside the house. Rags and Menka get shocked seeing her and taunt Yuvraaj for getting anyone inside home. Yuvraaj and Suhani take the girl to the room. Menka rushes to Dadi and informs her about Yuvraaj getting some mask girl along. Dadi gets worried. Yuvraaj asks Sharad to find out about some ashrams where they can keep the girl. Suhani takes care of the girl, while Dadi is thinking tensed. Pratima sits with Dadi and asks Ramesh who came with Yuvraaj and Suhani. Ramesh says don’t know, she is some girl wearing mask, they got her from Suhagi. Pratima says I will meet her. Dadi worries.

Sharad says he found about ashram. Yuvraaj says we will drop that girl to ashram. The girl plays and Suhani thinks how to leave this innocent girl to ashram. Bhavna asks them to come for dinner. Suhani takes care of that girl. Bhavna goes to see her face and remove mask. The girl runs far. Suhani says sorry, she did not know, no one will remove your mask, you sit. Bhavna says sorry. Suhani asks the girl when did she comb her hair last time. The girl says my mum, when I was very young. Suhani frees her hair and tries combing. Bhavna says when Dadi knows about her then.. Suhani asks the girl why did she get scared.

Dadi talks on cellphone and is also intending to go away household, if Gauri sees her, then It’ll be massive challenge. Yuvraaj relates to the area and sees Suhani Using the girl. He sees the soaked towel about the bed and gets irked. Suhani suggests I will clear the home. Yuvraaj says she made this area a dustbin, choose her out Suhani. He calls Ramesh to scrub the space. He shouts Ramesh plus the Female gets tensed. She asks him not to conquer her and operates out. She collides with Dadi plus they equally slide. She sees Dadi and dadi tensely turns her facial area. Bhavna would make Dadi stand. Gauri hides observing Dadi and says Dadi…. Suhani hears her and asks what… Are you aware of Dadi.

Yuvraaj arrives there and appears on. Dadi asks Yuvraaj whats all this, who Is that this Female, I fell down as a result of her, I m having backache. Suhani apologizes from her side, she did not do intentionally. Yuvraaj says what ever, acquire her to place and check with her not to come back out, appear Dadi. Suhani asks Dadi does she know this girl.
Dadi tells Rags this is her very last opportunity to get her belief. Rags steals Golu. Menka asks Gauri to feature her.

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