Subhabangi Atre who replaced actress Shilpa Shinde in show Bhabhi ji Ghar pe hai, on replacing ShilpaSubhabangi said “Yes, initially I was. It is a popular show and the character played by somebody else was a hit. But I am the kind of person who loves challenges. If you are in your comfort zone, you will never know what you are and what you can do. So, playing a character essayed by somebody else in an ongoing show was very challenging. Honestly, at that point, I had three offers — two were brand new shows and one was Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai. Even my husband, who always supports me, felt that I shouldn’t be taking up a show where I was replacing someone. But I used to watch it and I loved it. I think it was a game-changer, a comedy that had adult content but was not vulgar. The characters were not caricaturish, they were very earthy and real. I went with my gut feeling and signed the show.”She further added “People tell me that when they close their eyes and picture Angoori bhabhi, they think of me and say, ‘Hum bhool gaye pehle kaun thi’ — and that for me is the biggest compliment,”

The actress also replaced Shilpa in Chidiya Ghar , on which she replied “(Laughs) Not that I can think of. I guess it’s just a coincidence that when she left, I got the offer and I accepted. Actually, when I was called by the producers I thought it was for some other show. When I was told about Angoori bhabhi, I had a word with Binaifer (producer). She told me, ‘If  you don’t do it, somebody else will do, so why not you because we want you.’ Also, frankly, it is always a team effort, it’s not because of one person that a show is a hit, that way you are questioning someone’s capability. In the case ofBhabiji Ghar Par Hai, the show’s writer Manojji (Santoshi) is wonderful. One enjoys even while reading the scene. You never get bored, which is rare on TV. Even my co-stars — Rohitash Gaud, Aashif Sheikh and Saumya Tandon — are perfect in their characters. So many people are connected to the success of a serial.”


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