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Siya Ke Ram 26th November 2015 Written Update

Siya Ke Ram watch online

The Episode starts with a man confirming Janak about Sudhalwa’s attack on Mithila. Janak worries. Sita looks on. Janak says I did not attack on anyone till now, but if someone attack us, we have to save Praja. Kushadwaj asks his permission for leading the army. Sita asks do we have army, I did not see them. Janak says yes, we have soldiers, we kept them away as our land of knowledge did not need any army, we have them to save Mithili in such tough time. Kushadwaj says I will prepare for the war.

Ram is in the jungle and thinking. Kaushalya cries as she is not able to meet her sons. She looks at the moon. Kaushalya sings a sweet bhajan and visualizes Ram’s childhood. Sumitra says its matter of one night, they will reach here in morning. Kaushalya says what do you feel, do I like to be surrounded with sorrow, I m sorrowful, what shall I do. I lost my daughter, how can I forget her. Kaikeyi consoles Kaushalya and tells Sumitra that you are Kashi’s daughter, but everyone has different situation. Sumitra apologizes to Kaushalya.

Kaushalya says she did not feel bad, what can she do when someone can’t understand. She says she has always seen Ram’s face in moon. Kaikeyi says we will see our sons in dream. Ram gets a bad dream of flood coming in Ayodhya and he is sinking in water. Ram wakes up and is worried. Kaushalya smiles seeing the metal model of her daughter. Its morning, Dasharath smiles seeing his sons doing the puja for the ancestors. He blesses his sons. He asks them to wear new clothes, and take their mothers’ blessings, they would be waiting. Ram says he will meet Sumitra first, then Kaikeyi and Kaushalya. The boys happily go. The minister says Ram is taking care of others before himself. Dasharath says yes, but he does not know this delay for Kaushalya will be tough for her.

Sumitra will get glad seeing the children. All of them contact her feet and just take her blessings. She asks did they meet Kaushalya and Kaikeyi. Ram states no, we have arrive at meet up with you first. She claims she is Fortunate that her spouse and children loves her much, they normally give her relevance, This is due to of Kaushalya and Kaikeyi, she is Blessed to give start to Laxman and Shatrughan. She tells them the day when Dasharath came to carry out yagya. FB exhibits Dasharath heading a yagya and praying. Gutu Vashisht appears to be like on. The pandit asks him to give the sweet to his spouse, he will get son.

Dasharath presents the bowl to Kaushalya. Kaushalya then provides the first share to Kaikeyi, that makes Kaikeyi happy. Kaushalya symptoms Kaikeyi to provide a number of her share to Sumitra, which way they each gave section in their share to Sumitra, which designed Sumitra get two sons. FB finishes. Ram says Laxman and Shatrughan loves me a whole lot, we’re four sons of three mothers. Sumitra suggests you chat sweet Ram, occur satisfy Kaushalya and Kaikeyi.

Sumitra sees him concerned and asks is there any challenge. Ram states no and leaves. Kushadwaj is leaving and gets tilak accomplished. Janak blesses him. Sita comes and claims I will even go during the battle floor. Her family members seems to be on shocked.

Kaushalya cries and asks Ram did he meet everyone. Ram says I did not wish to meet you at last. He sees the metal model kept there. Sunaina asks Sita why does she want to go.

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