Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 8

The handsome Shantanu Maheshwari is otherwise a shy boy in real life. The actor who is currently slaying in Khatron Ke Khiladi, currently, was at a promotional event for the show at a college festival where he was left red faced and couldn’t stop blushing.Apparently, a lot of college girls had turned up and were eagerly waiting to see him, and once he arrived a few of them actually went up on stage and complained to him about being too quiet and not talking much! A lot of the other girls in the crowd too joined in requesting him to not be so shy and speak a bit more, specially to them!When contacted Shantanu said, “It was quite funny and embarrassing as a lot of the girls actually started to complain to me about me being too quiet on the show ,as well as in general when girl well-wishers speak with me. Well i am quite an introvert and do feel awkward at particular times, though i am definitely working on that! But it was really really awesome to see the college kids come out in such large numbers with so much love and support always!”.A few months ago, he had recalled an incident back in his college days when he hadn’t even begun with his acting career back then. He was performing at a dance event at another college representing his college, and there was this girl who had seen him on stage and had just started screaming out his name saying ‘Shantanu I love you, Shantanu please marry me’, making the boy go red out of embarrassment. “We were dancing at one of these college fests on stage and there was this girl who was standing quite close to the stage who kept screaming out Shantanu I love you and please marry me!! Since there weren’t too many people near the stage I could even see her and it felt so awkward. Even after the performance she came out to me and spoke to me saying she loved my performance etc. She was quite excited but I was so awkward and didn’t say much at all. It really felt quite funny,” said Shantanu.


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