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Shani 27th July 2017 Written Update

|| You don’t accomplish your mission just by having a pure heart and thinking about your mission. Shani teaches that these thoughts require willpower. One can accomplish his mission then only. ||

Narayan says the moment, when Hanuman will meet my avatar on earth, will be an unforgettable and precious for me.

Hanuman cries. I accept that I am playful, naughty and sometimes irresponsible too but I promise to dedicate my knowledge to the Prabhu to whom my life is dedicated. Shani made me realise that the best moment of my day is when I am completely lost in nothing; when there is no thought in my mind; when I forget my identity! I accept that I am curious. I have many questions but they will be put to rest the day I will meet my Aradhya. I don’t know when that time will come but I know

that these Siddhi’s will be used to help him achieve his motive on earth which will be to benefit the world. I request you for him. Please teach me so I can help him succeed. My meeting with him will complete me! Bright light emanates from him. Surya Dev smiles as he witnesses it. I have heard Hanuman and have made my decision. I was wrong to think that Hanuman doesn’t deserve to be my disciple. Truth is he does deserve to be my disciple. I announce myself as Hanuman’s Acharya right from this very moment. My agreement is because of what I just experienced. There is some power telling me that it will be a proud moment for me to accept Hanuman as my disciple. Hanuman is overwhelmed.

Tridev smile seeing this.

Hanuman kneels down and folds his hands to thank him. I wont disappoint you. Surya Dev advises him to get used to calling him Acharya. Your training will start from tomorrow morning when I will wake up. Hanuman thanks Shani next. I wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity without your help. Shani replies that he succeeded because of his faith and dedication. I am really happy for you. They share a hug. Devraj tells Sanghya there growing friendship can be a trouble for them. She suggests him to be patient. Hanuman will become more powerful with time. Friendship will decrease when that will happen. Hanuman will be of help to us then.

Mata Anjana is getting flowers for puja when lots of flowers fall on her. She realises that her son is back and envelops him in a warm hug. Why did you shower petals like this? Did Surya Dev accept you as his disciple? Hanuman nods. my training will start from tomorrow morning itself. I thought to eat food made by your hands first as I wont find it there. She gets emotional. I was preparing myself for this day since forever but I am still not ready to live without you. He tells her not to lose heart. I will come back when you will think of me. She tells him to use this opportunity. You must not return here till your training is complete. You wont divert from it ever. Hanuman agrees. I am hungry. You will have to cook for my other 2 friends as well. She is pleasantly surprised to see Shani and Ganesha. I am so lucky. You will eat food made by me? Ganesha says I don’t know about that. I am only sure about the fact that you will get tired. My hunger is as big as Hanuman’s. They all smile. She tells him that a mother never gets tired feeding her kids.

Hanuman, Ganesha, and Shani sit down to eat. Hanuman asks her what she is looking at. She says I am seeing the change. You are eating food with Karamfaldata Shani and Pratham-pujya Ganapati. Will you forget your mother once you gain knowledge? Hanuman says I may grow up but I will always be known as Anjani-putra. She doesn’t mind how she will be remembered. I just don’t want you to forget the one who has helped you come this far. He looks at Shani and assures her he will never forget it. Shani smiles.

Hanuman takes leave from his mother. She remarks that he should make Surya Dev proud. They share an emotional moment. He wipes her tears and then seeks her blessings.

Hanuman and Shani return to Surya Loka. Shani tells Hanuman to seek his Guru’s blessings first. Hanuman walks up to his Guru but stops. I would like to keep a condition just like you kept one before agreeing to teach me. An ordinary monkey could become Surya Dev’s disciple today only because of Shani! He requests Surya Dev to first teach Ashta-Siddhi’s to Shani first. I will start my training then only. Shani’s eyes widen in shock. Surya Dev calls it impossible. Hanuman says why so. I am playful whereas Shani is serious. I don’t know about my responsibilities but Shani does his duties towards the world already. I am curious and irresponsible but Shani is opposite to me. Why can’t Shani get trained when I can? Surya Dev tells him to stop. I have agreed to teach you. I haven’t agreed to live up to your every word. Ganesha politely apologizes for speaking between them. I don’t find it unreasonable. What is the reason for you to say no? Shani points out that it is Mahadev’s order that no one else should get these Siddhi’s in the process. His order is the rule of society!

Ganesha explains to Shani that some rules have exceptions. Hanuman got his life back because he deserved it. I feel there is no one other than you who deserves to gain these Ashta-Siddhi’s.

Precap: Shani agrees to gain Ashta-Siddhi’s. Brahma Dev asks Mahadev if Shani has become greedy.

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