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Savitri Devi 31st July 2017 Written Update

The episode starts with Sanchi seeing Dr. Kabir bending down to tie his shoe lace. Sanchi comes out of bench and stands with Pragya and Isha. Dr. Kabir asks when did she come. Pragya says she came to take us. Dr. Kabir asks if you both are new? Isha says I got swelling and that’s why she was worried about him. Dr. kabir asks her to bandage her foot and also get Xray. Adarsh tells Dr. Malhotra that they will find out about Sanchi Mishra. He asks him to wait and says Sanchi Mishra will be right infront of you. Ms. Fernandes comes there and apologizes saying this sandal doesn’t fit anyone. Adarsh gets shocked and angry, and blames her for not doing her duty well. He says you have missed someone and asks her to make everyone wear it again. Ms. Fernandes says she checked well. Dr. Malhotra asks him to

stop and asks Ms. Fernandes to throw the sandal. He scolds Adarsh and asks him to send interns’ pics to Manchanda so that he can identify Sanchi Mishra.

Isha, Sanchi and Pragya are in the cafeteria. Sanchi tells Isha that swelling will go in 2 hours.. Pragya gets her Papa’s call. She rejects the call. Pragya’s Papa calls her Sanchi’s number. Pragya asks her not to pick the call. Sanchi picks it. Pragya’s father asks Sanchi to convince Pragya to see the guy Satish and says pragya is angry and don’t want to talk to him. Sanchi gets happy and says she will talk to pragya. Pragya gets angry on Sanchi for betraying her and says you have changed the party when my father called you. Sanchi smiles and asks her why she is becoming filmy, and asks her to see the guy. Isha says oh…Sanchi asks her to meet him. Pragya refuses and asks her to meet him instead. Veer thinks why Pragya is shouting at Sanchi. He asks Pragya. Pragya tells that her father is asking her to meet the guy and Sanchi is taking his side. Sanchi asks Isha to convince Pragya. Veer asks Pragya not to get angry and says he will handle the guy. Pragya smiles as Veer pulls her cheeks.

Priya runs to room and locks the door. Vikrant asks Priya to open the door and says you know that I will break the door. Priya tries to open the window, but it is locked. Vikrant opens the door and finds her standing. She asks with whom you were talking to and asks why did you run from there. Priya says she can’t bear anymore and needs freedom. Vikrant says you will get freedom, permission granted, I am telling truth. He looks angrily.

Dadi regrets to trust Khushboo and apologizes to Jaya for supporting Khushboo and blaming her. She says I want to kick her out. Sunny says you are right. Jaya says you can’t kick her out as she is bahu of the house. Dadi says when she is not caring about us, why we shall care.

Gayatri prays to God and asks to clear their doubt about Neeta and Anand’s relation and save her house. Dr. Malhotra comes home. Gayatri greets him and says she will make coffee. Neeta brings green tea and says he will feel stress-free now. Dr. Malhotra tells Gayatri that he will drink green tea from now, and no coffee or tea from now. Gayatri and Vaidehi are shocked. Dr. Malhotra asks what did you add with green tea. Neeta says special ingredient just for you. She asks Vaidehi to drink it too.

Suman comes to Khushboo and says they are planning to kick you out. She says she understands her. Khushboo hugs her and plans evil.

Satish comes to Savitri Devi hospital. He asks receptionist to call Pragya. Sanchi sees him and asks if he is Satish, she takes him to cafeteria. Isha greets him. He says namaskar. Sanchi messages Pragya to come to cafeteria. Satish asks them about Pragya, and asks if she is homely and knows cooking. He says without these qualities, marriage is inpossible. Isha thinks he is saying as if he is SRK and doing favor on Pragya. Before Sanchi could say anything, Isha tells him that Pragya has all the qualities which he needs in a girl. Veer comes and says this is 2017, and asks him if he will change or not.

Vikrant brings Priya out of house and asks her to go. Just as Priya is going, he stops her and chained her feet with the wooden plank. He says if you cross the red line in 5 mins then I will not stop you. Priya thinks I have to do it. She tries to pull the wooden plank and reach the red line. She thinks this is the last chance to get saved from him. Vikrant asks her to come on and says just 20 seconds is left. Priya feels pained, but moves on. Just as she is about to step on the red line, he stops her and asks her to try her luck for next time. She asks him to open the chain. He asks her to take the wooden plank back. Priya is much hurt and bleeding. Vikrant says we have reached back. Priya faints and falls down. He opens the chain and tries to wake her up. He takes her back to room. He looks at the blood on her leg and covers blanket on her. He says you are just mine.

Veer asks Satish if he knows how to massage pragya’s hands and feet, and says she will get tired after working in the hospital and asks him to cook food. He says she attends weekend parties also and asks if he is ok to see her mingling with guys. Satish asks who are you and why you are questioning me. Veer says we are Pragya’s friend and says she will not meet you until we meet. He says you have no match with her. Satish says he don’t want to meet such girl who has sent her friends here. He leaves. Pragya comes inside and applauds Veer for making him go. Veer and Pragya go. Sanchi tells Isha that they shall make her meet Satish. Isha says seriously. Sanchi nods.

Neeta comes to the kitchen and asks Chef not to make oily food for Dr. Anand. She says she will tell her about his diet. Gayatri hears her and thinks to find out what is cooking between them.

Sanchi brings Isha and Pragya to pub. Pragya is surprised and says she was fed up of hospital canteen food. Satish comes there. Sanchi says what a co incidence and asks him to sit. Isha says she will order food and they go. Pragya is tensed as Satish sits at the opposite chair.

Veer sings song at the pub…dil jiske liye bigadne laga hai.tu hi hai…….Dr. Malhotra sees Veer and Sanchi standing on the road lost in each other eyes, and is shocked.

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