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Savitri Devi 28th December 2017 Written Update: Priya Seeks Veer’s Help To Do Sonography

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir telling Investor that he shouldn’t have talked about Sanchi badly and praises her, and says she is a good leader and shall get a chance. Investors agree to invest the money. Dr. Kabir smiles. Veer and Sanchi argue to get the sandwich from the canteen. Canteen guy says this is the last sandwich and says they are closing canteen for cleaning purpose. Sanchi asks him to eat. Veer asks her to eat. Canteen guy gives half sandwich to both of them and asks them not to fight, and let him work. Sanchi reminisces Veer making sandwich for her in canteen. He gets Dadi’s call and says he will come home. He goes home. Priya comes to Savitri. Gayatri acts to be with Savitri and says she has cut her nails and will massage her head. Priya looks at her with doubt. Gayatri says I am not that bad and goes to get hair oil. Priya tells Savitri that she is going to be nani. Veer comes, hears her and says I am going to be Mama.

Gayatri thanks Vikrant for coming. Dr. Malhotra says Priya asked us to call Veer. Vikrant gets doubtful. Priya tells Veer that she is pregnant. Veer says I will do baby sitting of my niece or nephew. Priya asks do you know how to handle kids and asks when did you learn? Veer recalls Sanchi giving him duty in children ward. Vikrant is going there. Priya says she wants to know if she has a baby girl or boy. Dr. Malhotra comes and takes Vikrant with him. Veer says this is illegal and asks if she is scared of Vikrant. Priya says she wants to design her child’s nursery.

Isha makes Subramaniam wash the utensils. Subramanima says I have done wrong with Sanchi and washes the utensils. Sanchi comes there and says I have done wrong with Dr. Isha. Isha hugs her and forgives her, says she couldn’t understand the pressure on her. Investors give 50 crores cheque to Sanchi for the hospital. Doctor asks her to thank Dr. Kabir and says it is a team work. Sanchi recalls Dr. Kabir giving statement against her and goes to him, says I don’t need your help. She gives him cheque and asks him not to do her help from today onwards. Pragya asks if investors feel insulted then. Sanchi says she will talk to investors and will tell them to invest if they trust her else she don’t want the investment.

Veer talks to the Gynaec and asks her to do his sister’s sonography and says if you do this test, then you will become head of the dept. Sanchi comes there and asks what you are doing here? Veer says so what? Sanchi asks him to go. Veer says he came to discuss his case with Dr. Neha. Sanchi asks him to help Dr. Neha and not to disturb her. Veer thinks thank god, she is gone, but where is Priya.

Priya mixes sleeping pills in his milk. Vikrant comes there. Priya asks him to drink milk. He refuses. Priya asks him to drink for their son. He drinks it and says he wants to love her today. He hugs her and sleeps. Priya makes him sleep and goes. Sanchi is in library and tries to take the book. She slips. Veer holds her and then makes her fall. He asks her to take help and says nobody will refuse as you are dean for some days. Sanchi says she didn’t have any hopes from anyone.

Priya comes to the hospital. Sanchi catches Veer and Dr. Neha as they about to do sonography. She then suspends Veer from the hospital for doing illegal work.

Written Update by H Hasan

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