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Sasural Simar Ka 27th July 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Doorbell rings. Anjali says raju see who it is. Raju doesn’t come. Anjali says no one else is home? Sanju opens the door. Its police. Sanju says this is anjali. She stole my mangalsutra. Anjali says I didn’t steal anything what stupidity is it. Come check my room. She opens her closet. They start checking her drawers and find the mangalsutra. Anjali is dazed. Sanju says yes this is mine. Anjali says I don’t know how it came in my locker. She did this. Its her game. Anjali is about to slap saanju. Constable stops her. She says you will do all this in front of us? Anjali says who are you? Whats your worth? She slaps her and says this is who I am. They arrest anjali and take her with them. Anjali says no why would I steal

Sanju goes after police. Samir stops

her and says you wanna stop her or want to see your family begging? Sanju stop. She says I hope you will fulfill your promise. The whole family comes back. Simar says what is this. where are you taking her? Constable says she is a theif. Sanju called us and told us she stole her mangalsutra. Anjali says sanju is lying. Its her game. Simar says calm down. Sanju says I take mu complaint back. Police leaves anjali.

Sanju says to samir why you did thiss. They were taking anjali. Samir syas it was better for you. Roshni tells everyone that samir did some symbol and sanju took her complaint back. Simar syas samir is forcing and blackmailing her to do all this. Roshni says what can be the reason? Arav says samir is going outside Lets go and talk to her. Simar says I will. Simar coms to sanju’s room.

Sanju says I have fallen in my own eyes. I have to hurt my own family. I don’t know what to do. She is sobbing. Simar comes in. She says dont swipe those tears. We know whats up with you. We know samir is making you do this. Sanju says no.. simar puts her hand on her head and says promise me on my head. Sanju runs out. She is crying. she says I can’t tell them.

Roshni sees the same shadow. He says could that be. Roshni asks piyush if he saw ananiya going out of room? he says no she had been sitting here for hours. roshni says this means that person comes here to meet someone else.
Roshni comes out and overhears samir saying to the man, I will make that simar cry. They think I only want wealth but I will ruin their lives. Thats my objective. Roshni steps on something. samir hears it. She runs inside. The person leave.
Roshni comes to everyone and says I saw samir talking to someone.. She tells them everything.

Scene 3
Piyush comes to samir and says I will kill you. tell us who you are.Anjali comes in. Samor says anjali please save me. They want to kill me. Anjali says how dare you do this to my husband. Simar says he is lying. He picked that knife first. Anjali says I am not blind. Piyush was about to stab him. Simar says he is manipulating you. Mataji says she won’t understand. She is always wrong. He is here to destroy us. Anjali says you all had a game and we know that. You won’t ever have this house back. You can’t separate us.

Precap-Anjali says it will be fun when I kick you all out. Specially mataji, Simar says anajli.. She is about to slap her.
Anjali stops her hand and slaps simar.

Written Update by Atiba

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