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Sasural Simar Ka 23rd November 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Prem says i can’t even move my hands. Sid says so can’t I.
Simar says come Indra and show me hoe powerful your patali devi is.
Everyone is bharadwaj is praying. Mataji says this candle is our hope. Don’t let it blow God. Take care of my children. Prove once again that in the end evil loses and truth triumphs.
Simar sees a dagger. She tries to attack simar but she can’t. Simar says your evil forces can’t ever let your win over God. You can’t kill me unless God wants. Today you trusted Patali devi and said that God is weaker in front of her. 100 years ago I also tried to bring you towards the brighter side. If you had asked for my life i would have given you. But you have made my family suffer. You wanted to kill them all. Till I am alive you can’t do that. Simar shoves her. Simar says today all your evil forces will die. You will die today. Simr comes towards indra with the dagger. She stabs indra. Indra stands up and laughs. She says stab me as much as you can. I wont die. because my life is not inside me. she laughs. Simar says if to end your evil powers I have to kill your patali devi. I will. Even if it takes my life. Come stop me if you can.
Indra says its a piece of cake for me to stop you.
Indra reads her mantra and wonders why is it not working on simar? Simar goes towards patali devi. Indra says you can’t do this. You have to stop yourself.

Prem and amar see a tree breaking. Prem says simar..
In bharadwaj house, everyone is doing pooja.
Indra says simar you cant do this. Indra says please save me Patali devi. Do something. I am your greatest follower. SImar stabs Indra.
Suddenly prem holds his head and tries to recalls everything. Sid says lets go find simar. Prem says sid, amar, I have recollection if everything. Sid hugs him and says i am so glad. Amar hugs him as well. Prem says lets go find simar.

Simar stabs indra and she falls down their lifeless. Simar says I couldn’t do anything without you God. Suddenly she hears prem’s voice. They are standing in front of her. Prem says are you okay? She says yes. Prem says i remember everything. She hugs him. AMar says people like indra have to face this. Sid says this means that roli must be okay as well? Simr says call home and ask. Prem says lets go home and see her there. Sid says after tornado happiness has returned. Nothing wrong will happen now. Simra says this is because of all of you. Prem says lets go home.
The idol of patali devi opens its eyes.

Precap-Mataji looks for roli. Pari says she is nowhere. Sid asks where is roli? Mataji is quite.

Written Update By Atiba


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