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Sasural Simar Ka 14th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Patali says from now on I will be prayed in Bharadwaj house. Stop me if you can. Simar bows down to the coconut. Patali says you are oblivious right now but soon you will pray to me will all your will. Simar stands up.
Mataji says thank you so much for doing this to Simar. Mataji gives her a sari as a gift. SImar says gaitri ji we would feel good. She says if i know something I should use it help others. But I will keep this gift as a love of you people. Mataji says I want to give you this gift with our rituals. she places it in front of her Patali takes it and smiles. Khushi says in heart they are giving respect to patali, I dont know what she wants. Patali says I felt so good by coming here. Don’t worry. The force that was taking simar is wrong direction i have killed it. She is safe now. Patali leaves.

Mataji sees her locker open. She checks everything. She sees that simar’s waist band is not there. Mata ji tells simar and everyone. Uma says maybe someone has stolen it. Mata ji says but all the money everything is there. No money was stolen. Rajhinder says maybe he didn’t have time to steal another thing. We should call cops. Mata ji says yes we should there is nothing wrong with that. Sid says okay I will call. He calls police station. Khushi says in heart what will happen now.

Inspector says since no one came in the house it might be someone from family. Simar says khushi come with me I wanna talk to you. Inspector says wait. If you want to talk something related to the case then say it here. Simar says i saw khushi in mata ji’s room. I wanted to talk to her in person about this. You can’t doubt her. Mata ji says what is simar saying khushi? did you come in my room? I am asking something. Tell me did you open the locker. Did you steal the waist band. Khushi screams yes yes yes. I stole. Everyone is dazed. Mataji says why? How could you do this? Sid says inspector pleas leave. This is our family matter we will handle it. Sorry for your time wasted. Cops leave.
Karuna says shame on you khushi. You stole something from your own house. Khushi says yes I am shameless. And you people care about simar and roli only. Pari says shut up khushi. Don’t try to beat about the bush. Khushi says isn’t this my house? Uma says that was simar’s waistband. Khushi says yes it was. Khushi says soon these sister will take all the property all the wealth. you people wont have anything. Sujata says enough khushi.
Khushi simar roli can do everything. We face these problems because of them. My child’s life is in danger but.. Sankalp says enough. Don’t say a single word more. Khushi says why should i say quite? I will says whatever i like. roli says you could didi if you wanted something. Khushi says is she queen and am i beggar. Khushi says you both want everyone to ask money from you. One day mata ji will be begging you for food as well. everyone is dazed.
Khushi says i changed but you people kept saying the same about you. Mataji says we gave you so much love. You didn’t change and nor you ever will. Khushi says yes i haven’t changed. I will be like this always.
Simar says there is some reason behind this. Tell me what it is. Khushi shoves her. Mata ji says khushi.. she says stay away from me. Don’t even come near me. I told you i am the same khushi. I am the same billo rani. Simar says but.. Khushi says stay away from me. It was better when you were in bed for two days. I was so happy. I wish you were on bed forever. Mata ji slaps her.

Precap-Mataji says stop khushi. you can go wherever you want. but you cant pratham from here. Khushi says i wont leave him here. My lawyer will call you.

Written Update By Atiba


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