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Sasural Simar Ka 10th November 2015 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka watch online

Scene 1
Indra and badi amma laugh. Prem sid and amar are dazed.
Indra comes with a piece of glass and places it on prem’s neck. She says i told you you can’t go alive from here. you never understood my love. how did you even think that i would let you go from here. Now see what I do? She cuts sid’s hand. She says oh its bleeding. your brothers will go from here. How about releasing their souls from bodies. Then their bodies will become statues here. you both have to be punished. and this will create fear in your heart too prem. She says badi amma kill them both. Don’t listen to them just punish. Badi amma reads a mantra. Sid and amar start fainting. They fall down. Badi amma says see thakur now they both would die in front of your eyes. Amar says leave us please. Prem says enough let my brothers go from here or I will burn your nail. your powers will be burnt forever. Indra says you can’t do this. Prem says I can do anything to save my brothers. Badi ama says you are nothing without it indra. Badi amma says I will release them just return this nail. Indra says you can’t save them. You forgot that simar and roli, how will they both be saved. Sid says dont listen to her prem. Prem places sid’s hand on his head and says please let me stay here. Sid says don’t listen to her prem. Prem says you both just go from here.
Amar and Sid leave.

Sid throws in the costume. Amar says prem come out. Prem locks the door. Amar says what are ou doing prem. Amar says this is wrong prem. Prem says you both leave. Sid says we are not going anywhere. Prem says we need her to bring roli and simar back. Amar says there is another way. Prem says let my brothers go from here. Indra says make be believe that you wont deceive me again. Prem returns her nail. He places it on table. Sid says don’t do this prem. Prem says i am here so i can save simar and roli. As soon as in forget her bring her back. Indra says my nail, she picks it up. Bad amma says your powers are coming back. indra says no one can stop you from being mine now.

The women are in jungle. Mata ji says its dark, we shouldn’t move forward now. Sujata says yes you are right. They find a corner and there. Mata ji makes a circle of sindur around them. Mata ji says we have to keep in mind we shouldn’t go out of it.

Swara comes out of temple. She is about to step on a firecracker. Salman khan stops her, he says be careful. Swara says thank you. She gets a call. salman says diwali is to be happy then why are you upset, come let me introduce you to somoene.

A thug comes in jungle. All women get scared. Mata ji says who are you people. Mata ji says if witches have sent them they can’t come in the circle. The thugs come in the circle. They try to snatch the bag from Khushi.
Salman brings Swara to Soonam Kapoor. They dance on prem ratan. They hear mata ji screaming for help.
Mata ji says leave the bag. A thug takes it and throws it away. Salman Khan catches it. Thug says who are you?

Precap-Salman returns the bag to mata ji. Mata ji says thank you so much. he says you are fighting to truth you will win for sure. Prem says to swara dont over think. Do what you can.

Written Update By Atiba


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