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Sarojini 16th November 2015 Written Update

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Nirjhara warning Sarojini to not come near her, else she will burn her hand on lamp fire. Sarojini asks Soumendra to explain mom. Soumendra goes near Nirjhara, takes lamp and throws it in front of Dushyanth. He says Dushyanth that Nirjhara is his mother and not garbage. Just because amma is tolerating his nonsense, that does not mean he can do anything. This house is hers also. Dushyanth shouts the clothes Soumendra is wearing is bought by his earning and the money he spent on mobile recharge was also his. Nirjhara’s father did not give even a penny in dowry and whatever she eats and wears is from is money. Sarojini says he is right woman is just a mode of charity to him, he takes wife and bahu as charity and gives sister and daughter as charity. Woman does not have any feelings of her own. Dushyanth says she is right. Nirjhara asks Sarojini to keep quiet and not interfere between her and her husband. Daadi asks them to stop and scolds both Dushyanth and Nirjhara to stop being childish. Soumendra takes Nirjhara and everyone follows him.

Dadaji tells Sarojini that she and Soumendra will perform diwali pooja. Sarojini prepares jalebi with Indira. Indira says Soumendra likes jalebis a lot and used to eat even Bhaskar’s jalebis. Sarojini reminisces Soumendra feeding her jalebis. She gets Soumendra’s SMS just then. Indira smiles and Sarojini gets shy. Sarojini then tells daadi that she will prepare sooji halwa for servants along with jalebi and pooris. Dushyanth enters and asks if sh got sooji as dowry and says he will not let her waste his hard earned money. They hear people chanting soumendra bhaiya ki jai and go out to see Soumendra distributing sweet boxes to servants. Dushyanth fumes seeing this and asks daadi how did Soumendra get so much money. Daadi says it is his money and contractor gave 10000 rs to him, but soumendra is wasting it on Sarojini’s order. One day Sarojini may take over his business. Dushyanth gets more angry.

Soumendra introduces Sarojini as his wife. Servants pray for their togetherness. Sarojini asks Soumendra to give extra money to them. Dushyanth says daadi that Sarojini will waste all his hard earned money. Servants continue praising their jodi. Daadaji says they suffered a lot to see this day. Indira thinks she will set their bed into one room itself now and let them unite today.

While cooking Sarojini sees Daadi, Nirjhara and Sapna carrying exact saris and thinks she will likely not allow them to put on same saris on Pageant day. She applies oil on sugar syrup bowl and asks daadi to keep it apart. Daadi yelling at her picks bowl and drops it. Sugar syrup falls on daadi’s sari. Sarojini suggests she really should go and alter sari now and she is going to provide a new sari. Daadi leaves yelling. Sarojini then asks Sapna and Nirjhara to dress in saris of their selection now. Nirjhara praises her that she produced numerous changes During this house just in a couple of days.

Dushyanth offers only 4 lamps to Nirjhara. Nirjhara says these days is diwali and she wants plenty of new lamps to mild in house. Dushyanth yells at her. Sarojini delivers lamps and claims Soumendra brought it. Daadi and Sapna enter putting on different saris. Soumendra enters and suggests let them dress in saris in their option and daadaji remarks it looks like jail whenever they dress in identical saris. He then asks Indira to fill kalash. Dushyanth suggests she will never as she’s sinner. Sarojini says she is daughter of this household and may fill kalash. Dushyanth suggests he will kick kalash. Sarojini suggests she’ll see how will he kick kalash.

Precap: Soumendra and Sarojini perform pooja. Soumendra asks Sarojini to light crackers with him, else he will vanish in cracker smoke. He burns cracker and vanishes in smoke.

Written Update By H Hasan


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