Sanyukt 21st November 2016 Written Update

Sanyukt 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sanyukt 21st November 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Rita finds that the kids are unwilling to go to sleep, until niranjan comes, who meanwhile is being reprimanded by ila, when she catches her red handed, and he tries to give all sorts of excuses. rita calls him up, and he assures that he shall come late, and asks them to go to bed, so that they can wake up with dolls tomorrow. after he is done, he tries to emotionally manipulate ila to not tell anything to rita. but ila is adamant that she wont lie, and rushes off. he is tensed.

rita notices the car honking and coming in, and the kids immediately out of bed. they rush while she rushes after them. but its ila, and they ask her about niranjan. they are sad when it isnt him. rita comforts them and assures that they shall get their dolls.

ila then apologises to rita, for such a behaviour, as she is tensed. rita says that she can see and asks whats the matter. ila doesnt respond, but then gives an excuse and leaves. rita too goes to put the kids to bed. after they go, ila collapses on the dining table, uncontrollably in tears. she wonders what to do to save this marriage, nor fulfill her promise to govardhan and comments as to how everything is over. rita hears this from a distance and is tensed. ila notices her, as rita comes and confronts her. before she can say anything, rita comes and asks why is she crying. ila is relieved that rita didnt hear anything. she also discusses this situation with gayatri, and they get tensed too.

Later, whil;e ilais emotionally distraught in her room, regarding niranjan’s secrets, she gets his call, trying to emotionally blackmail her, but doesnt budge in. niranjan is frustrated. The screen freezes on ila’s tensed face.

Precap: The next morning, by the temple, ila prays to the lord asking her to give her the strength needed to be able to to tell rita the truth. a distraught and dishevelled rita is temsed tat niranjan did not come, all night. ila sits down to explain everything. rita asks her to hurry up. ila eeyes her puzzled.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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