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Sadda Haq Season 2 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Aryan says to sanyu can I drop you? I have a bike. She says thats so sweet of you to ask but I will manage. He says no lets go.
On news they see, dark shadow has again exposed MNA. Dark shadow sent an email about the MNA who ruined girls’ college.
On the way, sanyu says I really admire people like dark shadow who do something for others. Sanyu says thanks for dropping me. She says Parth is coming home tomorrow. He would be so glad if someone comes to meet him, I dont know anyone here so it would be great if you can drop by. He says I will come. Agarwal sees her.
Aryan comes home and says to Agarwal I am aryan. I came to drop sanyu. I work with her. Agarwal says good to meet you.

Scene 2
Sanyu brings agarwal home. Agarwal asks how are you now? He says feeling better. Tania is there too. He says what a surprise. She says so good to see you. I came to Mumbai for an interview. I heard you are discharged. Sanyu says I am bringing tea for everyone. Sanyyu texts aryan too.

Tania says to parth Its a weird feeling. Everyone has gone their way. Parth says I miss college days. Tania says I know that is why i came here running. Yoyo would be so happy. Let me call them. Parth says not right now, let me be stable. Physically and mentally. Btw where is randhir? She says no idea. No one knows about him. Yoyo has started his own business of spare parts in patna. Vid and Ankit came here to Mumbai too. Everyone is on and off in touch except randhir. His number doesn’t exist then his social media is down too. Parth says in heart randhir can’t go like this I will find him.
Sanyu comes in with aryan and introduces tania and parth to Aryan. She says we used to have a gang in FI.. I mean we used to study together. Aryan says I hope you are okay parth. Parth says thanks for wishes and being with sanyu. Aryan says in heart i guess parth didn’t like me.
Sanyu says its time to check your BP. I forgot the BP apparatus.
Aryan says I will get it. sanyu gets a call from office. Aryan says I will get it. Sanyu says don’t you have to go to office? He says as soon as all computers work, they don’t need me.

Aryan comes with BP apparatus. He checks parth’s social media. He says I will solve this puzzle. There are things that I don’t know.
Parth says to agarwal thank you so much. I know this might cause you trouble. Agarwal says this is sanyu’s house. And you are his friend. I am glad she brought you here. I wanted to ask you something. Parth says sure. Agarwal says because of me sanyu left her dreams. Parth says I can’t believe she gave up on everything. Agarwal says i dont know how to bring her back to this. You are her friend. Can you try? Parth says she is so stubborn but I will try my best.
Aryan overhears all this. Aryan says I will help you in convincing sanyu. Agarwal says if you think you can do this, then please do.

In the office, Tetu says turn off your PC’s. There are viruses. Our system has been hacked. Sanyu says in heart where is aryan.
Sanyu sees aryan and says don’t come here. If Pahuja sees you he will kill you.
Aryan hides. Krishna asks sanyu have you seen aryan? She says no. Aryan goes out from the window.
Pahuja says guys do something. Aryan goes to Pahuja and starts working. 235 gets on working. Sanyu sees him and is shocked how he got there. She says in heart I thought he is just computer repairer but how he did this?
Pahuja says you are genius 235. Your salary is doubled. This is what I hired you for.
Sanyu is in shock. He says in heart sanyu shouldn’t know. he jumps back in washroom. He asks sanyu is problem solved? Sanyu says yes. He says how? sanyu says an expert came and saved everything. He says thank God my job is saved. Thank that expert. sanyu says thank you.

Precap-Aryan does something in machine, Parth struggles to breathe. sanyyu and agarwal are in panic. sanyu calls aryan and asks him to come and help her.

Written Update By Atiba


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