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Sadda Haq 4th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Sanyu opens the door. Randhir leaves. Sanyu says what was he saying? Aryan says lets go.
sanyu says why are you upset? Aryan says I shouldn’t give him attention. He doesn’t exist for me. He was talking about past which is irrelevant. Present and future are more important for me.
Randhir comes and sees them together. Aryan says lets go.

Sanyu comes in lab. Sanyu gets a little shock. Sanyu says are you okay? sanaya says yes.This circuit is weird. Sanyu fixes it for her. Sanaya says thank you. She says Randhir is weird he doesn’t know how to behave but I know that he doesn’t hate you. The way he shows is different.. Sanyu says I don’t care if he does or not. He doesn’t know when and how he behaves. Don’t talk about him. I wish he never existed in my life.
Sanya says its weird they affect each other yet hate.

At night, Sanyu is using telescope. Aryan calls her sanyu says I can’t understand I will talk to you later. Randhir comes and takes her chart. Sanyu says this is mine.He says you have made rangoli of constellation. You missed two stars. Sanyu says impossible. He says so are you? Sanyu checks, she has missed them. Sanyu says it makes a smile. And yes they are two stars. Randhir I wonder how will you present it. He laughs. Sanyu says I am the lead anyway. He says you were never knowledgeable. Sanyu says I led in FITE and here too. He says so we are expecting an accident here to. Who are you sacrificing? Sanyu says get lost. He says I will destroy you come what may. Sanyu says you are sick.
He covers her with his upper. Sanyu says what are you doing. He shows her the torn piece of her shirt and leaves.

Sanyu comes in her room and sees a watch. Randhir picks it up and drops it. He tries to break it. Nirman comes and says what have you done? Sanyu says randhir did this. Nirman says now see what I do. Sanyu wakes up. It was her dream.
She hears nirman saying reach my office in one minute sanyu. Sanyu comes to his room and say sorry sir. He says I hope I didn’t disturb your beauty sleep. You woke late. Let me remind you that its a responsibility. You have become lead to do something special. You need to be ahead of everyone. We will start will basic condition of team members. Team comes first. Now is the time to be extra ordinary. Show me how good of a leader you are.
Sanyu comes out and sees overhearing everything. Sanyu says sir has asked me to prepare the team. Will you handle stress? randhir says you will have stress. Sanyu says the captain knows how to handle.

Sanyu is discussing training with the head. Aryan keeps calling her. Randhir says not picking the call?When she gets responsibility she behaves this way. Once she forgot our way. She wants to show she is busy. Everyone has time but its a matter of priorities. Aryan says no matter why she didn’t come to your date. Sanyu comes out and says I am sorry I was.. Aryan says its okay you were busy.
Sanyu comes to cafe and says no one will eat junk food from now. Arjun says you will decide our menu? Kritika says you can’t lead our personal life? Nirman comes and says there is nothing personal in ISRC. Everyone go to gym. nirman says to sanyu leader doesn’t fail when he can’t perform when he can’t handle is team.
The trainer gets everyone’s measurements. Randhir says sir you can check joy’s. captain will take my chest measurements. Aryan and sanyu are shocked.

Precap-Randhir gives her measurement. Sanyu measures his chest. Trainer says you captain thinks you need advance training. First ones will be in pairs.

Written Update by Atiba

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