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Sadda Haq 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Aryan says expected this was nirman’s cabin. The security is not under his control. He enters the cabin. Aryan starts looking for file. He says I have promised sanyyu. Becky comes in, Aryan stop. He recalls that she walks in sleep. He makes her sit on the couch and rummages for the file. He takes pictures of file and gives drive to sanyu. SAnyu says what is it? He says randhir’s data.sanyu says how you got it? He says I told you. Now eat first. He is going from window sanyu says you can use door. She says him good night and starts working.

Next morning, Agarwal comes to meet sanyu. She hugs him. SHe says I feel so good. He says it has been so many days. Ankit and vid are in Dubai. I thought I should meet you and take your stuff. Sanyu says come I will show you ISRC. He says no I am getting late. Sanyu says please come. He says some other time. Sanyu says okay have tea with me at least. Agarwal says can’t we stop that asteroid? Sanyu says in heart I wont let this happen. Agarwal says I am sure you guys must be doing something. Randhir comes and sees agarwal. Sanyyu sees him and thinks dont do anything stupid. Agarwal says everyone in our village is so scared. Randhir says now see what I do sanyu. Randhir walks towards them. Agarwal says I am sorry I couldn’t do anything. Randhir recalls renuka saying sorry and leaves.
Agarwal says anju did so much for us I wanted to make a factory for her name. We will have so many girls like you but no. Sanyu says we all know your efforts. Don’t say sorry. Sanyu says I will do it.

Aryan and joy are working on code. Arjun and Sanaya too. Randhir comes and pulls him aside.
A captain calls army officer that figures are more than what we have been told. We should talk to Nirman.
Sanyu comes in. She says thanks for not coming in front of papa. He says we are all so busy with work. Sanyu says I am here to work as well. Aryan comes there. Randhir says every member has to be at his desk and work. Aryan says I was going to washroom.
Sanyu tells aryan the moment it touches earth it will burn. We should tell nirman. Aryan says he already knew it. Why didn’t he focus on it? Does he have a valid reason? Sanyu says he is making a mistake. Lady comes and says nirman has called you.

Sanyu sees officer, he says they dont give info. Nirman says is your plan ready? sanyu says yes sir. I checked all researches this. This has carbon, it is not as destructive as we think. We can hit it and and get rid of it. He crumples it. Nirman says this missile is usless. I have something for you, he gives her a ball and says no matter how you push it, it is in-destructive. You only studied its outter surface. What if your missile is destroyed. Sanyu says we know its density and according to russians.. He says you can go and join them instead.

Precap-Aryan says you want to make nuclear cell? This is the most impractical idea I have ever heard. Sanyu says if you don’t help me someone else will. Dark shadow will. They are working on their plan, randhir knocks at the door.

Written Update by Atiba

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