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Sadda Haq 23rd May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Sanyu comes to randhir and says I blamed you for the video, I got to know you didn’t do it. I just wanted to say.. I am reallyy.. randhir says its okay I don’t need anyone’s apology. sanyu looks at aryan. He nods.
Sanyu says to Aryan thanks. She goes to her room.
Sanyu recalls randhir saying you can never love anyone. I won’t let you live happily. Sanyu recalls everything sanaya said. She sees aryan saying thank you so much for coming in my life. randhir says I hate you. Aryan says you are special I love. Sanyu screams. then she sees sanaya and kritika asleep.
Sanyu hears anju’s voice its hard to decide but you are my strong and sensible girl I trust my daughter.

Sanyu texts aryan dark shadow never take vacations lets do his holiday this evening. Aryan replies dark shadow is the boss.
Joy gets a call from nirman.. He says why did he call?
Arjun kritika and Sumit are laughing. Joy says I should run. Joy gets a text from nirman.. I am impressed with you good job. Joy says really? He is dancing. Arjun texts him again and says come to work station and lets me Rs 500. Joy says why does he need money? and 500? He looks rich.
Nirman is with everyone in the work station. Joy gives him 500. Nirman says are you out of your mind? Get out of here. Joy says you asked for them. Kritikka sumit and arjun giggle. Nirman leaves they all laugh.

Sanaya says to sanyu I am sorry for last night. I didn’t want to offend you. Sanyu says I had to hear it from someone. You asked me to decide. I have made my decision.
sanyu emails aryan, dear dark shadow please make aryan available for me this evening, 8pm garden view restaurant. You won’t take aryan from me. He replies, dark shadow is very busy but he can’t dare messing with lead astraunot. Aryan would be available and he will come to meet you.

Sanaya comes to randhir and says before randhir gets to know I have to tell him. His heart shouldn’t break more. Sanyu chooses her clothes. Aryan decides shirt too.
sanaya comes to randhir and says.. sanyu and aryan..

Sanyu gets ready. Randhir burns his hand. Sanaya says what are you doing. come to med center with me.
Sanyu says I have made the right choice. Respect is more important in a relationship.
Sanyu waits for the cab. she says aryan its time I will tell you.. I also.. Someone places a cloth on her face and she faints. its randhir.
SAnyu wakes up in the car. She says stop the car. Whats wrong with you. Stop the car. Listen to me. Where are you taking me. Randhir says so you can commit to that aryan? I won’t let that happen. sanyu says this is my life and my decision. He says my decision is that I will kill myself. Go. Sanyu says I won’t go please slow down the car. He says you will commit to him? Sanyu says I will talk about it. Please slow down the car.. He stops. Randhir says I get it. You want to commit. But I can’t see you with someone else. get out. he takes the car.

Aryan is waiting for sanyyu.He says where are you sanyu I hope everything is okay. Randhir hits the car with wall. His head i bleeding. he says if you commit to him I will kill myself. Sanyu says okay i won’t.
Aryan is waiting. SAnyu comes. He hugs her.
Aryan says come sit. She says I am sorry. He says no no its okay.
Aryan serves her wine and give her a rose. Ayran takes her hand and says whats so special?
Sanyu says I.. Sanyu recalls the accident. Sanyu says I wanted to sanyu thank you. For being in my life. She hugs him. sanyu says in heart i dont deserve you.

Precap-Watchman says that man is here again. They go to kick him out. Sanyu sees harsh. Harsh says sanyu please tell me where is randhir.

Written Update by Atiba

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