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Sadda Haq 16th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Randhir is about to eat. sanyu says look at your hands, wash your hands. Rnadhir says I won’t. Sanyu says i won’t let you eat with these hands. I will make you eat. Sanyu makes Randhir eat. Sanyu says why are you looking like that? He says the canteen food was never this tasty. Now eat yourself too. Randhir makes sanyu.
Sumit asks Joy how is it going? Joy says quite good, she is all into me, when we date now she will know the truth. I want her to know everything. I am not a bad boy I am a good boy who really loves her. Sumit says first solve my code then I will tell you. Joy works on it and says now tell me. how long do I have to lie to her? Sumit says why are you complaining? She has started showing interest. Joy says I am not comfortable with lying to her. i love her. I can’t lie to her. Sumit says you leave it. Sumit says you learn to value someone when they are away. Lie to her till she dates you, once she is addicted to you tell her that. Look at sanyu and randhir they fight but they can’t leave each other. Make her realize she loves you. Joy says how? Sumit says you leave it.
Sanyu says I am going to room, i don’t wanna look like a zombie in party. i have to do a lot of stuff. Rnadhir says these jokes, these flirts its all okay. but there is one thing that has been bothering me. Sanyu says what? He says do you still love me? Sanyu says I can’t answer it right now. He says its simple. I love you still I always will.Sanyu says you don’t have an answer from me. Randhir says this is so frustrating. sanyu says you kept me hanging for two years. Why shouldn’t i? Why should i give you satisfaction. Randhir says please. Sanyu says what is love that gets so easily. Randhir says so you love me but don’t wanna tell me right? Sanyu says i waited for your call. She leaves.

Becky says to Kritika I want to blast a coffee shop on valentine’s day. Love is weird. Kritiak says shut up. peon brings in a dress for becky. Kritka says wow this is so beautiful. Kritika takes the letter. Becky says this is my letter give it to me. I will read it.
Kritika reads for the prettiest girl of this world. I can’t commit to you for reason I can’t explain. I want to see you in this dress before you leave. Don’t wear it again. This is my personal memeory. Don’t ever wear it in front of anyone again. Kritiak says Arjun wrote all this? i can’t believe. becky says he is so silly. Kritika says love is silly. Who is Karan?Becky says i just created a fictional character to make Arjun jealous.

Sanaya comes to sanyu and says lets play a game. Why is sanyu sad? Sanyu says I miss Aryan. Sanaya says maybe he is watching you right now from somewhere. Btw are you wearing the red dress? Sanyu says let him suffer.
Sanyu receives a parcel. When she opens in its a red dress. Sanyu says DS? Dark shadow. Aryan sent it.She reads the card, i know its not easy to like Randhir. He has requested a small thing. Wear this red dress he will be happy. I will always be around. Kritika says this is top brand’s dress. I couldn’t buy it. Sanyuu says Aryan sent it. Kritikka says I wish I had a friend like him. Kritika says my dress won’t look good in front of it. Sanyu says if you want i wont wear this dress. Kritika says this is so pretty, you will rage a storm and randhir will be flat. Sanyu says you think so? Kritika says yes.

Arjun comes to becky she is wearing white. Arjun says i knew it you will wear it. Becky says you wanted me to so I did. Now what? Where we stand now? Now you will say come to party with me? Then what? We will dance and come close. Then what? Arjun says what is yours problem? Becky says why are you running away from commitment? Yes or no. Arjun says you can’t understand the reason. She says try me. He says what is your reason. She says you can’t understand my reasons either. Arjun says exactly. She says then when there is no solution we better not contact each other. Arjun says why you think so extreme? She says you have to answer me, yes or no. He says its not that simple. Becky says then make it simple. I have given you enough space. Arjun is quite. Becky says I got my answer. She hugs him. Becky is crying. Becky says I am going from ISRC and you forever. Arjun says no becky please. Becky says just go dammit. He leaves. Becky sits there tears, sobbing.

Scene 2
Randhir and Joy get ready. Randhir says don’t be so restless. Joy says your game is set why would you be restless. Randhir says its getting late where is sumit. Joy says must be stuck in traffic. Why have you asked him to bring wine? Randhir says party is useless without it. We need to make this the best party. so much has happened. We should have a good time today. Joy says I don’t touch wine. I will lose control and say anything. Joy says she would be drunk too, she won’t remember anyway.

Precap-Sanyu comes to randhir in red dress. Sanyu says why are you smiling? Randhir says its a free country I can smile or even kiss you. He kisses her cheek. Sanyu says are you drunk? He says no but if I keep seeing you I will be drunk. And who said Aryan sent this dress? i did.

Written Update by Atiba

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