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Sadda Haq 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq Season 2

Scene 1
Nirman says those who gets 10/10 has brightest chance of going to mars, Any questions? Kritika says our partners? Nirman says you should know who is your opponent because that would be your challenge. I give 3.5 minutes to decide first pair. Remember you are against each other in this task. good luck.
They all wear suits and come in lab.
sanaya comes out of lab and says where is sheikho. He grasps her hand. She says someone please help me. He says you wont pair up with sanyu. She says why? Randhir says she can do even hurt you for her benefit. She says why does it matter to you? You don’t want me in your life. Why do you care? He goes in.
Joy says Nirman has confused us. Kritika says what? Joy says how would we know who is better for us. randhir says he wants us to know our strength and opponents.
They all stand in front of each other. Aryan and Randhir, sanyu and sanaya, kritika and arjun, joy and sumit.

First turn is of joy and sumit. Joy is hitting the balls and sumit blindfolded defends himself. Joy gets 4/10. Joy is next. Sumit hits. Sumit gets 3/10. Becky says next pair is kritika and arjun. Arjun hit first. Arjun gets 4/10. Arjun gets hit on his head by kritika. She says in heart sorry but I have to perform well. It hits him, kritika says arjun.. Nirman stares her. Kritika gets 5/10. Next pair is sanaya and sanyu. Sanyu is blindfolded. She recalls when Nirman insulted her. she says I can’t lose. I have to focus on sound. Sanyu gets 5/10. Now Sanaya is blindfolded. Randhir says in heart if you hurt sanaya I wont leave you sanyyu. Sanaya defends herself well. Randhir smiles. Last ball hits her neck. She falls down. Randhir runs to her and so does sanyu. Randhir says stay away from here. He says I told you she can do anything to win. Sanaya says I am fine. randhir says I am warnin you sanyu stay away from here. Keep your cheap tricks away from sanaya. Aryan comes and stands in front of sanyu. Sanaya says I am fine. Sanyu says please lets go aryan. Nirman says enough. My so called best scientists have no controls over emotions. Back off everyone.
Becky says final pair is randhir and aryan. Aryan is blindfolded. Randhir hits the balls. Aryan is 6/10 by now. Randhir hits a ball on his chest and one oh his head. Becky says this is last attempt for aryan, it hits his neck. He is 7/10. Next is randhir. Aryan says bring it on randhir. Randhir is blindfolded. Becky says two more attempts for randhir which will decide who is the best. Randhir gets 7/10. Becky says its a tie. Nirman says mass is not an auditorium where we can display this drama. I can only see negative aggression in all of you. All you play to defeat others not to win. You should all change this attitude. If I change mine none of you will like it. Done for the day.

Precap-Nirman says gets ready for next task. it has few electric shocks. You have to unscrew a few screws and it should not touch the ring otherwise there will be a spark. A spark comes near sanyu, randhir comes in front.

Written Update By Atiba


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