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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd September 2016 Written Update

Jaggi tells he is Ahem Modi. Jigar says he cannot be his brother as his brother is dead and waas cremated 5 years ago. Jaggi says he is alive. ACP walks on street reminiscing how he waas falsely caught in drug charges and being suspended. He thinks someone is trying to trap him. A speeding car strikes him and escapes. He falls on road injured. Public rush towards him.

Jigar continues that he is not his brother. Jaggi asks he has come after 5 years, why can’t he identify him. Jigar says he has Ahem’s death certificate. Krishna says he knows Ahem is dead and one standing is an imposter. Jaggi says he cannot get certificate that he is alive. Jigar says Ahem does not wear thse kind of clothes and does not behave like this. Drama continues. Jaggi asks what he should do to prove he is Ahem.

Jigar says whenever Ahem used to come from business deal, Kokila used to keep god’s idol in a pot and used to ask Ahem to chose the right one among 3. Kokila reminisces the incident whhere Ahem comes from a business deal and tells he won the deal. She asks him to break right pot then and he does. Kokila thinks Jaggi will be caught. Urmila sees Jai and Veeru standing with elders and asks them to go to their room. She hears Jigar’s condition and asks Jai and Veeru to break vases with their gulel. They break and Jigar shouts to stop it.

Gopi prays kanhaji to save Jaggi. Jaggi sees gulel in Jai and Veeru’s hands, takes it and breaks the right pot. Kanhaji’s idol pops out. Gopi runs and catches it. She says it is proved her first husband is still alive, so hermarriage with Krishna is invalid and she will not go with him. Mansi shouts she knows Ahem well and this imposter cannot be even Ahem’s slipper dust. Gopi slaps her and shouts to mind her tongue. Meera shouts at Gopi and Gopi confronts to shut her mouth.

Precap: Mansi tells Gopi that even she knows this man is not Ahem and she will prove it soon.

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