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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th May 2017 Written Update

Kokila reminisces Sameera’s misbehaviors. Gopi brings milk and medicine for her and sees her engrasped in thoughts, says she knows whatever happened in muh dikhayi is wrong. Kokila says the way Sameera is acting, there is something more to it. She can understand if Ricky misbehaves as he was not bought up by them, but Sameera married Ricky with a motto even after knowing Ricky’s background. Gopi gets a call from NGO lady and tells lady that her cheque is ready and she can come an collect it. Kokila says she does not want Sameera and Ricky misbehave with their guests. Gopi says she will go and give cheque personally.

Dharam and Shravan return home from business rip. Shravan suggests Dharam to invest profit in real estate. Vidya asks them if they saw Meera. Dharam says he does not want to talk about Meera. Vidya asks Shravan to come with her and check if didi went near servant quarters. She asks even Dharam to accompany. They both walk with her. She thinks Bhavani’s truth will be out today.

Daima thinks why did Sameera not save her, why she has come here, she is up to something. Sameera enters and says she knows she wants to harm Modis, even she wants, so they should befriend. Daima shakes hands. Pinku comments. Sameera thinks she will take her mother’s revenge from Modis.

Ricky speaks to his Singapore friend who says everyone know that he got married and asks to call bhabhi ji. He sees Seeta moping floor behind and asks if that is bhabhi. Ricky says she is servant and illiterate. Seeta beats him with broom and says she is cleaning his brain. His friend enjoys drama. He disconnects call, yells at Seeta and runs. Jaggi comes and praises Seeta.

Meera watches Bhavani giving money to her blackmailer Jayesh. Dharam, Shravan and Vidya walk towards servant room. Power goes and they hear someone shouting and run into servant quarters. Power comes and they are shocked see Jayesh and Meera on bed. Jayesh acts and asks Meera to get up, everyone saw them together. Vidya throws water on Meera and wakes her up. Meera is shocked seeing Jayesh shirtless next to her. She shouts who is he. He says everyone know about them now, says Dharam that he and Meera are deeply in love and cannot unite as Meera is still married to him, so requests him to divorce Meera. Meera says he is lying. Dharam angrily walks out. Meera walks behind him and says she loves only him. He ignores her. Next morning, Meera again tells Dharam what he saw was not true. Dharam says he does not care what she does, she should get away from his life as he is happy with Bhavani. Meera shatters. Dharam goes to his room. Bhavani follows him. Dharam angrily throws files and says he loves Meera and cannot see her crying. Bhavan walks out and fumes that she will get Meera out of Dharam’s life.

Gopi asks Jaggi if he had milk. He says yes, but he is disappointed with his legs, they are showing no improvement at all. Gopi says she will massage him with different oil and he will be back on his feet soon.

Pinku enjoys coconut water and tells Sameera they should keep themselves hydrated during summer. Samerea boasts that Modi family will feel the heat now. Daima enters and slaps her. On the other side, Gopi opens door hearing door bell and sees NGO worker Kantaben with others and says she had some other work, so came in early to take cheque. Kokila greets them and makes them sit. they say they could not attend new bahu’s muh dikhayi, so will see new bahu now.

Precap: NGO worker Kanta ben tells Kokila that they will leave now and will met her bahu next time. Sameera comes down wearing veil. Kantaben removes veil and looks shocked.

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