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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Madhuben asks Kokila how can she change suddenly, she was worried for the family so much and now she is insulting her own family. Kokila shouts that she will send Meera to Gaura’s house for sure.

Gopi tells Ahem that Kokila was most worried for Meera and wanted her to come back from Gaura’s house, but then how can she suddenly change.

Gaura pampers Dharam to cheer him up, but he continues crying. Urmila comes there and taunts that she wanted to control Meera but lost control on her son.

Gopi reminisces Kokila’s love and concern for her and all the incidents and also remembers her insulting repeatedly nowadays. She hears sound outside and goes to check. She sees Kokila in a gown walking toward main door, opening it and receiving courier. She scolds courier man for coming late and then walks towards her room. Gopi watches everything hiding behind pillar. Kokila senses someone near pillar walks towards it but hears TV sound from her room and goes back, dropping bill by mistake. Gopi picks bill and walks towards Kokila’s room and sees her busy watching TV.

Vidya performs pooja in the morning. Dharam comes and asks her to call him papa. He tells he will keep fasting to get back Meera. Gaura comes and says that fasting is done by unmarried girls to get good husband. He says he is doing it for Meera, there is nothing wrong in it. Urmila asks if he has gone mad. Vidya says he wants her to call him papa, but Meera is her sister, so what should he call him. Durga starts crying. Vidya consoles her. Dharam sits for pooja.

Meera prays god to show her way, what she should do. Kokila comes and taunts her that she is acting innocent after doing crime. Sona comes and asks if she called her. Kokila praises her that she is obedient bahu and wife and in front of whole family says Sona will perform morning aarti from hereon. Everyone shockingly look at her.

Precap: Meera tells family that the way Dharam accepted crime in court, he can do anything for her, so she has decided…Lawyer tells Dharam that Meera has filed for divorce and he came to take his singatures.

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