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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Gaura sees Meera tensed and says she knows she has not accepted Dharam and lied to stop him from beating himself. She started all this and now will finish herself, she will not let Dharam come near her. It is good for all if she and Dharam separate. She calls Dharam.

Madhuben silently tries to leave. Kokila stops her and says she cannot go before Molu returns. Madhuben says she is not running and she can shackle her if she wants.

Gaura calls family and asks Dharam to book tickets to haridwar as she wants to immerse Karunesh’s ashes. She asks to book 5 tickets for her, Shravan, Vidya, he and Durga and asks Meera if it is fine. She says yes. Dharam says why Durga, they should take Meera. She orders to do as she says. He calls travel agent and informs Gaura that tickets are of either tonight or after 3 days. She orders to book tonight’s tickets itself. Urmila thinks she is up to something.

Sona’a tempo crashes over a roadside pani puri cart. She gets out and fights with pani puri vendor instead and smears his face with green chutney. Her aide says if police comes, they will be in trouble. She leaves in tempo.

Gopi with Jigar and Tolu searches Molu and Sona on road. Their car rides on mobile and they stop. Jigar checks and finds mobile. Tolu says it is Sona’s. Gopi says then they must be somewhere around. They see pani puri cart and ask vendor if they saw a boy and girl. He says a girl crashed her tempo over his cart and fought him instead. Tolu finds Sona’s earrings on road and shows it to Jigar. Police reaches. Jigar asks inspector to help them search Molu and Sona. Inspector says he cannot help them until they file police complaint and leaves.

Durga while working in kitchen tells Vidya that she has not gone out of village in life and does not have any new saris, if she can lend her old sari. Vidya says she will give he new saris and goes to her room. Durga drops hot oil on her while cooking and shouts in pain. Vidya comes running and calls Sharavan. Durga also comes along and says Shravan to take Durga to hospital soon.

Precap: Madhuben disconnects Sona’s call seeing Kokila and says it is an unknown number. Kokila asks to give her phone, she will call back and find out who it is.

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