Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st December 2016 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st December 2016 Written Update

After Gopi and Jaggi’s marriage, Urvashi with family takes them home temple. After god’s blessings, they both take elders’ blessings. Kokila reminisces Jaggi challenging her that he will see if her ego will win or his love. When Jaggi and Gopi, try to touch her feet, she walks out angrily. Urmila says vevanji is hurt now and will calm down soon.

Vidya informs Dharam and Meera about Radika’s misdeeds and Gopi/Jaggi’s marriage. Meera shouts how can maa remarry, Jaggi created a situation and forced her to marry her. Vidya says Jaggi loves maa and loves us all, he lifted bomb and ran and risked his life to save family. Dharam asks if Jaggi really did this. Vidya says yes. Shravan gets a call and rushes out in a hurry.

Jaggi goes to Kokila and assures her that he will keep Gopi happy and not give her a chance to complain. Gopi goes to kanhaji and cries that she married Jagg to save his life from Radhika, but Maaji has misunderstood her. She falls unconscious. Jaggi sees that, lifts her and drops her on bed and leans to remove her jewelry. Gopi opens eyes and thinks he is trying to get intimate and gives him a tight slap. He says she is great, she fell unconscious while talking to her kanhaji, so he brought her here and was helping her, she slapped him instead. She says she will not stay with him in this room and walks out. She then goes to Pari’s room and asks if she can sleep here as she married Jaggi to save her from Radhika and maaji is angry on her now. She will sleep here until maaji calms down. Pari says sure she can sleep here.

Vidya gets worried when Shravan does not return after a long time and expresses her worry to Dharam. Dharam says let us go and check. Meera says not to worry, she will be at home with Chanda and Priyal. Shravan enters with weak and paralysed Gaura on wheelchair. Meera and Dharam get angry seeing Gaura. Shravan says he cannot see baaji in this condition suffering. Dharam and Meera says after whatever she did, they will not forgive her. Shravan says baaji has changed, so she did not inform them after being released from jail. Vidya looks at Shravan. In the morning during breakfast, Gaura sitting on wheelchair says she will leave this house after seeing her great granddaughter. They agree. Priyal comes and Gaura happily calls her.

In the morning, Gopi dries her hair after a bath. Jaggi enters with tea and stands dumb stuck seeing her beauty. A romantic song plans in the background. He enters and tells Gopi that maami aunty prepared her favorite ginger tea, so he thought of serving her in room itself. Gopi angrily walks out and he walks behind her. Gopi stands seeing Kokila.

Precap: During morning aarti, Urvashi says Jaggi did not come down yet. Urmila asks Gopi to start aarti, Jaggi will come down hearing her voice. Kokila comes and shouts Gopiiiiiiiiiiiii.

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