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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th July 2016 Written Update

Jigar and Gopi’s argument continues and Jigar confronts that she should have been careful with money instead of alleging Pari repeatedly. Pari says let her check room and clear her doubt. They all check room and don’t find money bundles.

Naiya continues to brainwash Meera to adopt a child if she wants total a child love her like Priyal loves Vidya. She smirks thinking she will poison Meera’s mind completely against Vidya and Priyal.

Gopi, Kokila, Urmila, and Krishna search Pari’s room and don’t find money bundle. Jigar yells to think before alleging Pari again. Pari says even they stay in this house and it is their duty to help Gopi find money. Gopi walks out with team. Urmila says how it is possible they did not find money in Pari’s room. Kokila says Pari was insisting to check room, hence money is not with her. Krishna and Gopi speak at once and look at each other’s face. Krishna says he will give money and Gopi can pay later when she gets money. Gopi says she does not need anyone’s help. Pari tells Mona that they should find skateboard and money bundle soon.

Sona tells Urmila that she wants to meet Gopi and help her find money. Urmila scolds her to rest. Sahir comes and says Urmila is right, she got leg swelling and should rest. Jai and Veeru come and ask Sona if she saw their skateboard. Sona scolds that Gopi’s 20 lakhs rs are missing and they are worried about 20 rs skateboard. Sahir says he will get them another skate board. Gopi’s team continue searching money at home. Urmila sees Mona sweeping house and taunts her. Pari says they are helping them find money and they should thank instead of yelling.

Naiya’s boyfriend rings door bell. Shravan opens door and asks who is he. He says he is driver Gopal kaka’s nephew and since gopal kaka is ill, he will work as driver till Gopal kaka gets well. Shravan asks him to get car out as he has to go somewhere. Naiya gives boyfriend car keys and he stares at her.

Door bell rings and Gopi gets tensed seeing Mehta and Belji bhai. They say they came on time as promised and asks Gopi to give money to start work. Gopi nervously tries to say she does not have money, but Urmila stops her and asks to bring money from cupboard and asks Belji bhai if he will have breakfast or tea. Belji says he just needs money. Kokila prays god to show them a way. Pari and Mona rush in to search skateboard and money. Others also get in to search money. Urmila brings breakfast for Belji and Mehta and insists to have breakfast and goes in.

Gopi lights lamp at home temple and prays god that her maaji lit this lamp and taught her to keep faith on god always and if god wants her to continue her faith, he should help her get back money.

Mona walks in corridor searching money. Jai and Veeru clash with her and she scolds if they cannot see and walk. They ask her same and she runs to hit them. They hide in store room and step on skate board. Mona enters store room, but walks back searching money.

Meera speaks to someone over phone and says she is coming. Vidya brings her snacks and asks if she tensed. Meera says she is not and in fact happy.

Urmila forces Belji and Mehta to have dhoklas and introduces Jai and Veeru to them so that Gopi and team can find money till then. Gopi continues praying god to help her.

Precap: Jai and Veeru show their skate board. Kokila finds money stuck to wheel and asks where did they find this. They say in store room.

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