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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Gopi alleges Premlatha that she is not her maaji and forced her to act insane to send her to mental assylum. Premlatha leans towards her shedding fake tears and murmurs in her ears to punch her if she wants her maaji safe. Gopi punches her face and shouts she is not her maaji. Whole family scolds Gopi for punching Premlatha/Kokila. Gopi continues shouting she is not her maaji. Doc comes to examine Gopi. Gopi shouts at everyone to go away.

Shravan comes and asks Vidya to get his favorite blue shirt. She says he comes only he needs something, today is valentine’s day and he forgot it. She opens cupboard and gets happy seeing flower bouquet and chocs. He holds her hand and says fulfilling her wish is his duty. She frees her hand and says then why don’t he fullfill her long wish and why is he hiding secret from her. He says there is a reason for that. She says there should not be any secrets between husband and wife.

Doc gives sleeping injection to Gopi and says she has to be shifted to mental hospital. Ahem says she will not go anywhere. Premlatha also says same. Doc says her condition will worsen if she stays here. Ahem reminisces Gopi’s schizophrenic behavior, breaking things and biting him. Premlatha says she will not let her Gopi bahu from here and acts as falling unconscious.

Gaura thinks she will not getMeera and Vidya go out at any cost and keeps a toy on stairs for her to fall. She thinks both Viday and Meera will stay here crying in pain. Dharam walks from opposite side. Meera slips. Ahem runs to rescue her and falls down. His hand gets injured with blood gushing. Meera feels concerned. She sees heart shaped plank on floor and gives it to him. She asks what is it. He says happy valentine’s day. She gets emotional. Once he leaves, Gaura yells at her that she is blind to not see toy and injuring Dharam instead. Urmila tries to take Meera’s side, but Gaura shouts even at her.

Doc checks Premlatha and says she got high BP and her blood also be checked along with Gopi. Premlatha thinks she should not have done overacting. She says she is fine. Ahem and Jigar insist and doc says he will send pathologist. Ahe asks her to go and rest in her room. She says she will stay with Gopi. Ahem insists, but she says Gopi is tied and cannot harm her. She locks door then and laughs.

Precap: Gaura calls Premlatha and tells Meera, Vidya and Urmila are coming to Modi bhavan and she has to hide Gopi before that. Premlatha says she knows how to send Gopi to mental hospital.

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