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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya watch online

Premlatha gets food for Kokila and asks her to enjoy it. She laughs that she must be thinking why she hid her in water tank and says she watches movies a lot and got idea seeing movies. She laughs that her Gopi bahu is searching her a lot, but she will never find her. She continues laughing and tells if she steps down, she will electric shock. She continues her drama and taunting.

Meera reminisces Dharam’s love and concern for her and him promising that he will wait for her until she accepts him. Dharam enters and she acts as sleeping. He thanks her for returning home and says again he will wait for her and leaves. Meera gets emotional.

Modi family shows concern for Gopi’s changed behavior. Meera calls on Gopi’s mobile. Ahem picks it. She asks where is mom. He asks if she does not want to talk to papa. she says it is not like that and starts talking. Ahem disconnects call when she asks again about Gopi. Meera tells Urmila that papa was behaving weird and was hiding something. Urmila says even she heard their conversation and felt same.

Gopi cries in her room and prays god to send her maaji soon. Hetal prepares Gopi’s favorite soup. Premlatha says she will go and give it to Gopi. Hetals says she will looking at yesterday’s incident. Premlatha says okay but thinks Gopi will torture granny now. Hetal enters and asks Gopi to have soup. Gopi shouts at her, throws soup on her head and splashes water on her and then strangulates her neck. Premlatha watches that and laughs. Everyone hears Hetal’s plea and run to save her. Gopi shouts everyone to get out, else she will kill them all.

Precap: Gopi climbs terrace. Family requests her to come down. She jumps down and everyone shout

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