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Roshni 10th November 2015 Written Update

Ek Nayi Ummeed Roshni watch online

Rajat asking Roshni not to be adamant about ethics. He says he is a CEO, not a straight forward doctor. She says I get it. He asks her to be careful of Nick, as he does sting operations. She smiles. Its morning, Roshni checks OPD patient Kishore and talks to his mum. The lady tells the boy’s problem of getting tired very soon even by walking, and his nails turning blue. Roshni checks the old reports. Roshni sees his feet swollen. His mum says its since years. Roshni asks them not to worry, and tells about the boy’s heart having a hole, they have to do operation. The lady asks about the cost. Roshni says 3-4 lakhs. I will try to do operation in low cost, I will write the tests, get him after the tests are done. They leave.

Nick comes to Roshni and asks her why is she lost. Roshni tells about Kishore. When I told the cost, the lady got sad, I felt guilty, I recalled Kishore’s words that we put price tag on patient, if patient can’t afford this treatment, its not treatment then, whats the use. Nick says I know, but what can we do. Talk to Rajat once, maybe he will put the patient in poor people quota.

Dr. Kamal talks to anxiety patients and convinces them to have angiography, they can have heart problem also. The couple agrees. Roshni asks Mona and Rajat about quota system for poor patients. Mona says yes, but quota got full before you joined. Roshni leaves. Rajat asks Mona why did she lie. Mona says she saved money, Roshni will put everyone in poor category. She says I know Roshni, she will crosscheck, so I will get it confirmed.

Dr. Kamal fools the client and exhibits the reviews. He asks the man to confess his wife and deposit dollars. The man asks in regards to the Value. Kamal suggests 2 lakhs. He asks the man to have faith in him, He’ll do operation perfectly. He describes the arteries and fats formed between. The man receives confident and goes to admission counter. He meets a ward boy Santosh and tells him about his wife’s heart trouble. He claims he has demonstrated Dr. Kamal. Santosh asks him to fulfill another doctor, and then if go for Procedure if its serious difficulty.

Sharad meets Kamal. They mention Malhotra acquiring arrested. Sharad asks her not for getting in Roshni’s sight. Kamal claims It’s going to be enjoyable, I heard about her and didn’t meet up with her till now. Santosh tells Roshni about Dr. Kamal referring operation to his relative’s wife, if she will be able to Examine the affected individual. Roshni asks him to deliver.

She checks the studies and sees Kamal fooling the client. She goes to confront Kamal. Sharad interrupts. She warns them to not do unethical clinical practice. She suggests operation wasn’t wanted, just medicine will recover the patient, he did this to earn dollars. Kamal says administration gave him these targets. She scolds him and suggests This is often your first and final warning. She leaves. Sharad states I informed about Roshni. Roshni involves Rajat and Mona. She tells Mona that sufferers are fooled listed here, items are receiving away from hand listed here.

Roshni says Dr. Kamal is corrupting hospital. Rajat argues and says no need to pass judgment on us. Roshni says she won’t let big risk affect Leela.

Written Update By Amena


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