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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 25th September 2017 Written Update: Anami And Sudha Have A Thoughtful Conversation

The Episode starts with Sudha acting mad and asking Anami to leave. She says your eyes are like your dad, he cheated me and ruined my life. Narottam holds her. Sudha cries and asks Anami to go. Anami says you are misunderstanding me, I will not have any relation with Lal mahal, I just came here as a friend, we are living a cheat and sharing pain. Sudha laughs and says you talk well. She says red color has made my life colorless and now this white color gives me peace. Anami says sun rises and sets with red color. Sudha says you just started walking. She asks him to leave and let her live her colorless life. Anami says upbringing can change blood effect, I m raised in Banaras, my mum told me not to bend if I m right and not fight if I m wrong.

Sudha holds her hand and says your
upbringing happened well, I will pray your blood doesn’t dominates your upbringing. Anami says I shall leave now, and greets her. She goes. Narottam takes Sudha’s blessings. Sudha wears the red clothes and gets ready. She plays the song Naina barse….. and smiles. She says Lord has filled emotions in Anami. Narottam and Anami are on the way. He apologizes. She says your mum is staying alone, this needs courage. He stops the bike when Adhiraj’s jeep comes in front. Adhiraj asks her where is she roaming, its not safe for her to go out. He asks Narottam why did he not stay careful. He asks Anami to come and talk. He says I got news of special activities outside Lal mahal, maybe its related to Vatsalya’s murder, maybe there is danger over you also, you have to be careful from everyone, and I mean everyone. She sees Narottam. He gives her phone for her safety and says none should know this, call me if there is anything. Anami goes with Narottam.

Poonam says puja things have come. Jeweler shows the necklace to Dadi and goes. Satrupa says Dada ji has declared Vatsalya the heir by making him wear this necklace. Dadi says this time he will make Anami the heir. Satrupa says I got this respect as I m Vatsalya’s mum, nothing is imp than traditions for Dada ji. Dadi says nothing is imp than Anami for me, I will get her rights. She asks her to have patience, she is happy with the changes, Guru ji said tomorrow’ day is good, do the preparations. Anami says what problem will anyone have with Vatsalya.

She reads Vatsalya’s diary. He writes about Pujan killing the birds. She sees Pujan talking to some men. She clicks his pics. Pujan checks file and smiles. Its morning, Anami tells Dadi that she has no interest in all this. Dadi says its wrong to leave rights, Vatsalya left a lot behind, you have to complete this. Anami says I have relation of love with him, not rights, I will never let rights snatch love from me. Dadi says you are living vanvas here, when you asked for Vatsalya’s room keys, I understood he has stopped you here, see this rakshasutra tied on your hand, when none knew you are Satrupa’s daughter, Vatsalya has identified you and gave his rakshasutra to you, come with me. Guru jii says time has sent Anami as the heir, her neck deserves this necklace. He asks Dada ji to do his duty. Satrupa asks Dada ji to make Anami wear the necklace with happiness.

Dada ji’s shawl catches fire. Anami gets shocked seeing the fire.

Written Update by Amena

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