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Reporters 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Kabeer tells team that they have to work hard now and tells Richa he will send her a brief and she should use it and relay about Ronnie’s death on 8 p.m. news. Richa starts crying vigorously. He wipes her tears and asks if she wants Manav to read it. She says no. He asks her then to take in charge.

RG’s driver applies car breaks suddenly seeing a car in front. RG scolds him. Kabpeer comes out of opposite car. RG also gets out o car. Kabeer says he told him to stay away from Ananya, but did not, earlier 50 children, then Sudhir Kashyap and now Ronnie. RG asks him to stop alleging and says if he remembers his nephew. Kabeer slaps him and says he remembers everything and now it is time for him to pay. RG says he did wrong by slapping him on road. Kabeer says soon he will slap him in public.

Shreya calls RG and asks him to stay away from kabeer for some days as media, police and everyone are keeping a close watch on him and if something happens to him, they all will be behind bars. Khalid takes over Ronnie’s seat and starts program. Richa reads news about Ronnie’s murder and says Kabeer will expose the murderers in his 9 p.m. news. RG panics and asks Shreya what will Kabeer reveal, why don’t she fire him. She says he is KKN’s part owner and she cannot fire him so easily. He says then he will kill Kabeer. She gets tensed and asks him to give her some time to fix things.

Richa cries vigorously after news and loudly calls Ronnie. Manav tells Khalid that he did not he has technical knowledge also. Khalid says he does not know him at all and to try him and see, how much he will trouble him and says he will lose his 7 p.m. news soon. Manav asks if he will go against Shreya. Khalid says he can and asks again to try provoking him. Manav gets tensed. Shreya stops Khalid and asks what is Kabeer’s plan. He says he does not know, just knows that someone poke Kabeer and now he will poke many people and excuses her saying he has to start next bulletin.

Kabeer concerns comatosed Ananya’s space and tells he has commenced a battle for Ronnie and suggests Ronnie warned him never to trouble Ananya. He receives psychological and cries. Mom arrives and says Ananya is crying due to the fact early morning but will not be opening eyes. Kabeer wipes his tears and claims doc told him. She suggests doc advised, but what to do future. He says he will speak to doc and leaves.

RG’s puppet calls him and informs that Kabeer named doc at Ananya’s household. RG asks him to complete his operate then and smirks telling with infection maximize, organ should be eliminated.

Shreya panics, pops in her nervousness products and repeats anything will probably be alright. RG phone calls him and asks her never to neglect looking at Kabeer’s nine p.m. news. She asks what will materialize. He suggests Kabeer will not study news as breaking information is going to be senior reporter Ananya Kashyap is dead on account of doc’s carelessness.

Kabeer’s ethical gyaan: Whoever fly high considering dollars power will drop on their own face flat.

Precap: No precap today.

Written Update By Sahir


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