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Razia Sultan 18th September 2015 Written Update

Razia tells Altamash to pray for her Levels of competition..He tells that Razia will gain,Razia tells its a different commence for her..Fathima tells that Razia should Select “Haldi” ceremony,Altamash tells that He’ll article pond the competition..Razia refuses and tells People today will Consider in a Completely wrong way..
Mirza’s mother tells Razia that some family came to fulfill..Shazia tells Shamshad Razia is in issue as that Competitors is about to begin and “HALDI” ceremony also,Shamshad tells God is aware..Altamash asks Mirza about Razia as competition is about to start,Mirza tells he will contact..As the following round of Competitiveness begins…Crowd is collected..Moizuddin beats the wrestler..But wrestler stands still..The wrestler picks Moizuddin and throws..Ruknuddin and Iqbal is shock..Altamash laughs..Moizuddin looses the combat..
On the list of relative of Mirza asks from in which did Razia realized “Biryani”,Razia replies that its very little like that..Mirza comes and sees Razia..Iqbal attempts to beat the wrestler,But he picks and throws him..People laugh..Iqbal looses..Up coming Ruknuddin goes..Ruknuddin tells himself that he has got to acquire the Levels of competition..He struggle with wrestler..Wrestler beats him..Ruknuddin runs and attempts to capture but wrestler beats him hardly and throws..Ruknuddin looses the battle..Minister tells that previously 3 contender’s are out of the round and now the fourth contender Razia’s prospect..Altamash wait..Out of the blue Mirza arrives in addition to Razia..Altamash receives pleased,She will come and stands in front of wrestler..

Precap:Wrestler beats Razia and throws her away,She falls in mud

Written Update By Sahir


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