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Razia Sultan 17th September 2015 Written Update

Razia runs and Pushes Mirza’s mom and she falls Everyone is shocked,Mirza and Turkan comes.Razia tells Mirza she have seen Snake,Mirza’s mom tells Razia to mention Obviously that She dont like her Existence..Mother goes..Turkan receives delighted..Yaqut provides a person person income and tells never to expose that Razia purchased to bring Snake,Mirza is shocked to find out..He follows but Yaqut stops him…Yaqut tells that If Mirza enjoy and after that have to have absolutely trusted her..Mirza goes..Razia in kitchen performs hard to cook,Mirza sees and tells that Razia is Functioning hard and he was Improper about her..Razia cuts her finger Mirza will come and sees..Mirza tells that he is normally with her..Razia tells that she must convince Her mother-in law..Afterwards Razia cooks all food ..Mirza’s mom refuses to eat,Razia tells to style after..Yaqut sees..Razia serves the food items..Turkan tells Uzma that each one is conscious of fact that Razia cooking is terrible..Mirza is tensed..
Mirza’s mother eats the food stuff and appreciates the foods tells that its incredibly delicious..She talk to From wherever did Razia learned..Turkan and Uzma are stunned..She phone calls Mirza and tells to eat..Mirza remains tensed and try to eat “JALEBI”..Mirza’s mother tells that she is quite joyful and provides her ring to Razia..Razia asks Did she forgive her,Mirza mom tells Certainly..Razia thanks her and kisses her hand tells that she dont want nearly anything..Razia tells Turkan and Uzma to style something..Turkan refuses and tells for being organized for “HALDI”…Mirza tells her its time for Practise..The two Razia and Mirza fights,Mirza asks Razia from exactly where did find out cooking,She tells that its a solution..Mirza thinks in regards to the snake incident and tells that she’s hiding many matter,Razia tells that she is satisfied that Mom accepted her lastly..
Mirza pushes Razia and holds tightly she falls and struggles,He tells the way is Erroneous..Razia tells she is injured..Mirza leaves her,Razia tells she is going to practise Another time and goes..

Precap:Razia’s Haldi Ceremony began Shazia tells Shamshad that Competitiveness upcoming round is about to get started

Written Update By Sahir


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