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Qubool Hai 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene one:
Spot: Ahil’s residence
saif and shashi are supplied a grand welcome by ahil and the new sanam. The reporters ask for a pic of the nawab along with his spouse, and ahil hesitates, but on the new bride’s insistence, he reluctantly agrees. In the meantime, as saif receives time, he tries to flirt around Together with the new bride, but she is too angry at his betrayal in wanting to eliminate ahil at the rear of her again. he utilizes the advantage of the gathering, to coax her into giving him Yet another opportunity and hearing what he has to say, or else he generates a scene. She’s questioned to dress in the saree that saif experienced picked for her. she refuses, but he says that if she dowsnt have on, he wont get married, and when that doesnt take place, shaad and sanam’s relationship much too shall be delayed, and that would delay all of her designs. The new bride leaves, fuming with rage, remaining remaining without having other solution.

Meanwhile, ahil will help shaad to gown up because the groom resignedly, while equally of them stand tensedly. though sanam is dressing up, The brand new bride allows her, and intentionally hurts her, though apologising for a similar. Shashi far too does the same with shashi. as The brand new bride walks within the lobby, she is taken inside with a jerk, by saif, who says that she had threatened him that she shall educate him a lesson, and now he shall demonstrate his masculinity to her, fully inebriated. She shoves him away, even though functioning out.

Finally, nazia is introduced down by shashi, who’s shocked to see The brand new bride while in the costume, that saif had stated he chose for her for their honeymoon. she’s distraught, asking yourself if she is about to do a thing Mistaken. She arrives all the way down to meet ahil, who finds her tensed, and gives her a lengthy lecture, on how her nervousness is purely natural, but she shouldnt depart her religion on adore. Shashi thinks that he designed her job much easier. saif way too will come down Using the new bride. The marriage eventually commences, exactly where having a weighty heart, nazia finally agrees, and after that saif complies also. all congratulate one another. Ahil is taunted by The brand new bride, about his lack of adore, although he still reveals an optimistic Angle and hope for love. then its time for another pair to descend. as sanam and shaad appear down the aisle from opposite ends, and wander, both equally are incredibly nervous. The display screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: As the wedding proceedings start off, sanam agrees to the marriage, and when its the groom’s convert, the pruiest asks and both equally ahil and shaad, dressed as grooms, concur in unison. This shocks sanam as she lifts her eyes up, to view equally of them confronting her as grooms. She’s stunned.

Written Update By Sahir


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