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Qubool Hai 18th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Khan begum’s residence
Khan begum is shocked to see mahira and azad chatting up. she waives azad off, and leaves. azad comes inside.

In kainat’s home, Amad talks about azad and mahira’s budding romance, and kaninat gets thrilled but refuses to feel it. He emphasises that even khan begum as well witnessed the like during the air, And just how azaad is totally in really like. she suggests that she could well be most content. he asks why is she joyful. she suggests that she is pleased for azad, as she likes mahira quite a bit, as she is different, but ideal for azad. he asks if she’s critical. she starts referring to how the entire world seems bful, when they seem by way of mahira’s eyes, as she sees it with the heart. she suggests that her innocence is reflected in her eyes, and azad would be Blessed to acquire her. She says that if azad’s coronary heart beats for mahira, then he need to go ahead and marry her, if he likes her. azad hears this from outside the house the area, and is tensed. Amad thinks that he wont Allow this come about, as the way he took afreen from him, he far too shall snatch absent mahira from him, to ensure that they’ve equal share of suffering inside their life. Azad thinks that destiny has begun a brand new chapter of him with mahira, and miracles what lies within the destiny of the chapter now.

In his place, azad lovingly reminisces his moments with mahira, and smiles. But then he suggests this cant be true, as its merely a Tale of one evening, and together with his fate he cant expect to tumble in really like, since he cant at any time provide his reality ahead of her, as his truth is of darkness, which hardly ever is available in wide daylight.

Scene two:
Locale: razia’s hideout
Although razia is praying, khan begum comes and she or he is questioned if mahira cem. she states that she has, and now she wants to kill her at any Expense. Razia says that it isnt that simple, as when just one attempt goes in vain, a price needs to be compensated in the dead of night earth of magic. khan begum suggests that she has set her everyday living at risk, and therefore her existence far too in in peril. she claims that she’s ready to do anything at all. razia asks her to go away it to her, that she shall tell her, when and how to destroy her. She tells khan begum that the rate at which mahira keeps dying, at exactly the same amount she commences regaining her powers back. khan begum suggests that she has comprehensive believe in on her. razia tells her that her work is completed. Khan begum leaves. jhanjhariya would make the sound on the anklets, and razia mysteriously feedback that she is there even when she isnt, and tells her to go and get rid of mahira nowshe gives khan begum a packet. She asks her to go and catch mahira’s soul and get to back again to her, by killing her. Then razia remarks that mahira’s Demise methods and laughs evilly.

Scene 3:
Area: Khan begum’s residence
In her home, mahira is tensed, believing that she has usually located solace in her father’s guide and hopes this time as well it shall assistance her. she states that she has a lot of thoughts with regards to Azad, and hopes They can be answered. She opens his ebook, and finds a taveez, remembering how her father gave it to her to keep her Secure, and consequently asked her to keep it with her at all times. she miracles how did this taveez protect And the way it shall guard Additionally. She wonders what would the taveez do, and resignedly requires it. meanwhile, jhanjhariya’s silhouette is found approaching the home. in the washroom, mahira miracles if azad svaed her, as he was proper in the morning, and then wards it off, saying that he would seem a large exhibit, and might have gloated definitely, had she been saved by him. She is still confused nevertheless. as being the taveez lies to the slab, she starts to clean her encounter with splashes of h2o. just then jhanjhariya’s hand via dark magic, with a swift movement tends to make the taveez drop away from her on the bottom. then her hand is proven to solution because of the basin faucet, as she usually takes some h2o and splashes it on mahira’s face, catching her off guard and startled. mahira instantly opens her eyes but doesnt locate any person. she’s terrified and tensed, as she appears to be all over. In the meantime, the tap commences managing with blood, or pink coloured fluid. Mahira along with her shut eyes doesnt detect, and keeps splashing her confront with it. when she opens her eyes, she eyes her facial area, with blood on it, from the mirror and is also shocked. She begins screaming in horror, contacting her sisters. they come, and realize that mahira is totally usual. She commences telling what happened. when saira and bano show her in the mirror, she’s stunned to discover every thing completely usual. In their dupatta, saira and bano obliviously also drag the taveez much too out with them. mahira walks out, but doesnt recognize the blood from beneath the basin. jhanjhariya stands beside it.

In her home, khan begum phone calls razia who shushes her, and doesnt hear nearly anything, and tells her that she ought to be patient as she has presently despatched jhanjhariya to take care of mahira. Khan begum is stunned but doesnt say nearly anything.

In her home, mahira is working when she hears the sounds of anklets, and after that begins shouting who’s there. She attempts to experience, but saira and bano get fearful. mahira asks why have been they clanking their anklets. They inquire her where was she past night. she’s about to say, when she all over again hears the sound of anklets, and attempts to draw it for their focus. but they are saying that she doesnt want to operate. She leaves. But although they are plotting from mahira, they way too hear anklets ringing and therefore are boggled. She arrives In the house, mahira comes and confronts azad, and suggests that she experienced a pleasant time yesterday. He thinks regarding the dual stories that he has, one which mahira is aware and one which she doesnt, and hopes she never ever will get to know. In the meantime, the blood also starts adhering to following her within a path, forming a puddle as she stands dealing with azad, who eyes her tensedly. he leaves without saying just about anything. She miracles why his eyes speak a thousand occasions over his phrases, And exactly how his have a look at her is Unusual to. she is oblivious from the blood pool. Whilst strolling she collides into amad, who irritably asks if everything took place among her and azad. she claims that very little transpired from the night. He says that he never talked about the night time, and asks if everything happened. she once again denies. He asks why is her life so dull, and uneventful. she cracks a joke, but He’s irritated, and taunts her that if practically nothing took place, then there’s the potential of something happeneing. they equally dont realise the blood pool is finding nearer. he asks her to obtain some juice for him in his room. she leaves hurriedly. he claims that he doesnt know whats happeneing, but recognizes that if azad wants her, he would under no circumstances permit that to happen. Mahira walks oblivious of your blood trail just after her, which khan begum watches with the balcony, believing that quickly mahira’s grave shall be dug here. the display freezes on her and mahira’s experience.

Precap: Khan begum spots her hand on mahira, who may have her back again turned to her, thinking that she has waited for this Exclusive girl for 25 yrs. mahira turns all over. she suggests that now her Demise shall be The main reason for khan begum to live on. On khan begum’s touch, mahira starts turning into stone. mahira tells khan begum that she is turning into stone, but she just stands there smiling evilly. mahira screams for azad. Azad rushes but till then mahira is changed into stone, even though khan begum watches on. azad stands perplexed Together with the two.

Written Update By Sahir


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