Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv

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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv

Shergill tells doc that Ishan is a terrorist and he wants to check if he is inside OT or not. Preet asks not to do that. Shergill rushes into OT and sees Ishan on bed. Ishan sees them together and asks Preet if she was spying on him with Shergill. Preet says no. He angrily removes is oxygen mask, IV line and get out of bed. Shergill shouts that he cannot lie as his men saw him moving in a car with a girl. If Preet had kept transmitter properly, he would have been caught. Ishan shouts at Preet she came here with Shergill to spy on him and prove that he is a terrorist. Preet stands in a shock. He leaves. Preet scolds Shergill that because of him, her marriage is at stake and warns not to show his face again and runs from there.

Preet follows Ishan to his room and says he is misunderstanding her. He shouts when Naina alleged he is not Ishan, whole family believed exxcept her. She always was trying to prove he is not Ishan. She likes Shergil and she likes him and they both are trying to get rid of him. Their argument continues. She says within 5 years of marriage, he never made her feel like his wife, etc. He hugs and kisses her. They both then consummate their marriage.

Bilal takes interviews for his secretary position. Trisha joins him and rejects all lady candidates. She then says she will handle it and he should concentrate on job. He nods yes.

Preet wakes up in the morning, sees herself leaning on Ishan’s shoulder and gets shy. She then goes to bathroom reminiscing last nights romance. She thinks everything is set right now and their relationship is taking a right track. Ishan thinks he would not have got emotional last night, now his and Preet’s relationship is more stronger. Preet thinks nobody can separate them now. She walks back and sees Ishan hurriedly getting ready. She asks what happened. He says whatever happened last night should not have happened.

Precap: After bomb blast, constable asks Preet to check if dead body is her husband’s. She walks with limping gait, removes cloth from dead body’s face and is shocked.

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