Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv

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Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do 20th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do sony tv

Preet informs Badi maa that Kavya and her friend are kidnapped. Badi maa calls Ishan and informs same. Preet asks Ishan to reach police station and file police complaint. Ishan asks them not to inform police, he will bring back Kavya at any cost.

Kavya tells her friend that her papa is very powerful, he will reach and free them. Kidnapper laughs and taunts him and asks who is her papa. She says Ishan Hooda. Kidnapper stands in a shock. Ishan beats goons and Kavya claps for him. He frees her and asks her to go and sit in car. She leaves with her friend. He picks his gun to shoot kidnapper when Baba enters and asks why is he getting emotional for that girl. He says he is her daughter and he will not spare anyone who harms his daughter.

Preet tells Badi maa they should go to police at least now. Badi maa says she trusts Ishan and even she should trust him.

While traveling in car, Kavya tells her friend that her papa is a superhero. Ishan drops Kavya’s friend home. Polician dad thanks Ishan and says he can seek his help anytime. Ishan says anyone would have done same and leaves.

Ishan reaches home with Kavya. Whole family gets happy seeing Kavya. Kavya praises Ishan that he saved her from kidnappers like a superman. Badi maa tells Ishan that he must be tired, she will get him soup. Preet goes with Kavya.

Preet at night thanks Ishan for bringing Kavya home safely. Ishan says Kavya is Meghna’s daughter and can do anything for his first love Meghna. Preet says he cannot praise Meghna in front of her. He says Meghna is his only love and he will love only her till his last breath. Preet sleeps crying.

At night, Sana calls Ishan and says Baba is calling him right now to discuss final plan. He silently leaves and reaches Baba’s den. Baba shows a small boy and says he is a suicide bomber and will sacrifice his life for their mission. Ishan says he will not allow a small boy sacrifice himself. Baba asks who will become suicide bomber then. He says he will. Sana asks not to be fool. Ishan insists. Baba says his country is proud of Ishan. After everyone leaves, Sana asks why did he agree to become suicide bomber. Ishan says he wants to be loyal to his country and Preet. Sana gets emotional.

Precap: Ishan performs namaz. Preet is shocked to see that.

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